My Music Row Story

My Music Row Story: WME’s Lane Wilson

Lane Wilson is a 30-year veteran Agent and Partner at WME. Working in the Music Division in […]

My Music Row Story: CMT’s Margaret Comeaux

As Senior Vice President of Music and Events Production for CMT, Margaret Comeaux oversees the […]

My Music Row Story: ASCAP’s Kele Currier

Kele Currier is Assistant Vice President of Strategic Services, Nashville Membership at ASCAP. Her […]

My Music Row Story: Wasserman Music’s Keith Levy

At Wasserman Music, Nashville-based agent Keith Levy has developed a distinguished roster that […]

My Music Row Story: NSAI’s Bart Herbison

Bart Herbison is Executive Director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) […]

My Music Row Story: Sweet Talk Publicity’s Jensen Sussman

Jensen Sussman is President of Sweet Talk Publicity, where she has executed prominent national […]

My Music Row Story: Porter’s Call’s Al Andrews

Al Andrews is the Founder and Executive Director of Porter’s Call, a nonprofit he founded in 2001 […]

My Music Row Story: Big Machine Music’s Mike Molinar

Mike Molinar is the President and Co-Founder of Big Machine Music (BMM), where he brings over 25 […]

My Music Row Story: MNRK Music Group’s Gina Miller

Gina Miller has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. A musician, educator […]

My Music Row Story: CAA’s Jeff Krones

Jeff Krones is Co-Head of CAA’s Nashville Music Office. He represents many of the world’s leading […]