Primetime ‘Nashville’: ‘I Saw The Light’

Juliette finds out Dante is good at more than counseling.

Juliette finds out Dante is good at more than counseling.

“I Saw the Light”
Season 1 | Episode 116 | Aired 04/03/2013

Rayna’s and Juliette’s tour visited New York on last night’s episode of Nashville, where Music City streets stood in as the streets of Manhattan. Rayna had her daughters and sister in tow, Deacon brought his new veterinarian girlfriend, and Juliette’s entourage included her mom and mom’s substance abuse counselor.

During a soundcheck, Rayna’s daughters proved they inherited mom’s performance chops with an acoustic cover of “Hey Ho.” Unbeknownst to Maddie, she has two sets of musical DNA working in her favor—her biological father is Deacon.

Juliette scored a major sponsorship thanks to the help of the counselor, Dante, who’s background is in business. By the end of the show, those two celebrated by hopping in bed together, and next week’s preview indicates that he might also have the hots for her mom, Jolene.

Deacon’s new squeeze could tell that there is still some emotion between him and Rayna, but he likes Stacey enough to consider getting off the road and settling down as a studio musician.

Rayna’s powerful and scheming father Lamar returned to the show after being absent for several episodes. He found out Peggy leaked rumors about Rayna and Teddy to the tabloids, and threatened to tell Teddy about it if she didn’t help him sway mayor Teddy’s opinion about a building project on the river. The show’s biggest cliff hanger was when Lamar had a heart attack at the end of the episode.

Though Scarlett tried to convince the folks at Rayna’s new record imprint that she and Gunnar work best as a duo, he was a supportive boyfriend and talked her into signing the solo offer. They also met a new neighbor, Will, played by Chris Carmack, who is likely a returning character. Huddled around the backyard campfire, Gunnar and Will wrote the show’s only new tune, “Tough All Over.” The song was actually penned by Jim Lauderdale and Odie Blackmon. Gunnar and Will may shape up to be a better duo than Gunnar and Scarlett.

After ditching his record deal and ticking off his publisher, Avery had no choice but to hit Lower Broadway, pickin’ and grinnin’ for tips. He eventually decided being a roadie was more lucrative and took off to join a tour. All we know is he’s headed to New York….

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