Toby Keith Introduces Wild Shot Mezcal

Sorry, horses, you still have to drink beer. Ever the entrepreneur, Toby Keith is launching Toby Keith’s Wild Shot Mezcal, a 100% green agave spirit that purports to be authentic. Very few Mezcal products currently exist in the market and Keith plans to capitalize on that with his version of the traditional Mexican drink.

“I have always been fascinated with Mexico and the drink Mezcal,” Keith says. “It is a part of my life. Mexico is a theme that runs through many of my songs, including my recent single ‘Bullets In The Gun.’ The tradition and history of Mezcal is magical to me, and dates back to 16th century warriors celebrating the defeat of their enemies.”

Mezcal varies from agave-based tequila in its preparation method and the inclusion of the agave worm in the bottle. Keith points out that the worm is not decoration. “It’s not there for the look,” he says. “It is there to be eaten. It is believed that the worm will bring wondrous experiences and every individual’s will be different.”

Wild Shot will be imported by Shaw-Ross, and a special pre-launch tasting event will be held in Nashville next week.


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