Carter’s Chord

“A Little Less Comfortable”
Show Dog-Universal

Sister trio Carter’s Chord (Emily, Joanna, and Becky Robertson) is releasing its new single “A Little Less Comfortable.” The song was written by Emily and Joanna with Phillip White and tells the story of someone longing to return a more exciting, unpredictable time in a relationship.

The music of Carter’s Chord is steeped in tradition. The sisters were born into a musical family– their father was a pianist, producer, string arranger and their mother a singer, who both toured and recorded with Waylon Jennings during the height of the Outlaw movement.

After signing to Toby Keith’s Show Dog-Universal label, Carter’s Chord released the 2008 singles “Young Love” and “Different Breed.” The group has spent the last several months working on a new record with Toby Keith and Mark Wright.

“We’ve been spending the better part of this year in creative mode, living in the studio and immersing ourselves in writing,” says Becky. “We could not be more proud of the music we are turning out. It has been exciting to work in the studio with heavy hitters like Toby Keith and Mark Wright. This is the real Carter’s Chord; it’s the music we’ve always wanted to make.”

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