Darius And Brad Celebrate “Unfriend Day”

“National Unfriend Day starts tomorrow,” said Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. “It’s gonna be bigger than Easter they say and all big holidays have holiday music to go with them.” Then the cameras joined Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley in Rochester N.Y. singing, “To All The Friends I’ve Un’ed Before.”

The lyric started, “To all the friends I’ve un’ed before….you made my life a hell with your stupid LOL…” It was all so funny until I got one minute 43 seconds into the video below, and shockingly heard Brad and Darius telling America they’d un’friended me. Talk about pain and suffering. As Brad sang my name with his innocent sounding voice I thought about the turtle on the fencepost that he talked about when he accepted the CMA Entertainer of the year Award last week. “I was helped up there by all the little people,” he said. Little people, that’s me alright, but now with my Facebook ambitions traumatized, I saw my Friends list evaporating right before my eyes.

Of course I’m totally kidding, and truthfully, I’m not even sure Brad is actually referring to me. But when we saw the video everyone at MusicRow started laughing so hard, we wanted to share it. Brad and Darius, we love you both, but to make amends please follow @MusicRow on twitter and Facebook.


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