Scott Borchetta On CNBC Power Lunch

Big Machine Label Group Chieftain Scott Borchetta does an artful two-step as they ask him right at the top of the interview if he has plans to sell to Sony and for how much?

“I talk to people all the time,” Borchetta smiles. “We’ve created a winning culture here…” Borchetta appeared as a guest on today’s Power Lunch program (11/22) and also discussed why country is doing well in difficult times, the “culture of Taylor Swift” and what it’s like to be a risk taker…

Here’s a short part of the transcript…

Q: The rumor is you’re selling to sony. That sony is very interested. Is that the case?

SB: That’s a great rumor, isn’t it?

Q: It’s a great rumor. It would make you an extremely wealthy man.

SB: You know what, I have a house. I have a car. They’ve got to do something really incredible to close this deal.

Q: What about $200 million? That’s a good starting place, isn’t it? Are you having discussions with them or others? Universal is rumored to be there as well.

SB: The wonderful thing about our company and the independence that we have is that we’ve created our own winning culture. And I think it’s a culture that is in high demand. So there are a lot of people interested in sharing our culture.

Q: So I would take that as you’re open to discussions.

SB: Hey, you know what? I talk to people all day long every day. Let’s see what they’ve got. They’re going to have to really buy into what we do.

Q: So if sony’s listening, I think that’s northwards of 200 million bucks, just so you guys know.


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