New Hearing Protection Offers Safety and Fidelity

Excessive volume can be a problem at concerts and music clubs and it is all too easy to put ones hearing at risk. EarPeace is a newly designed product created to, “deliver high quality sound and great protection.” The reusable ear plugs, which cost about $15, are made from hypo-allergenic silicone and come with a protective case.

EarPeace provided free hearing protection this past year for thousands of attendees at South by Southwest. The company noted that, the average decibel level at a concert is 110 which is safe on your hearing for less than two minutes. “We developed EarPeace as a discreet and comfortable way to turn down the volume, without compromising sound quality. It’s a huge improvement when you can still really hear the music, understand your friends speaking, and leave a venue without your ears ringing,” said Jay Clark, founder of EarPeace. “People don’t use traditional hearing protection for three main reasons: it compromises sound quality, it’s uncomfortable, and it doesn’t look good. We believe we can fundamentally change the way people care for their hearing by addressing those issues.”

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