Swift Leads Country Twitterers

These are the photos used for the artist's Twitter accounts

These are the photos used for the artist's Twitter accounts

Updated: The Kenny Chesney, cUnderwood83 and SugarlandFans feeds discussed below are not authentic.

[Date: 4/23/09] Ashton Kutcher (username: aplusk) has the most Twitter followers, 1,356,958. However, since social networks are like ocean tides moving in and out, one can expect these totals to change. MusicRow, decided to research which country music artists have the highest number of followers and found some surprising results, not the least of which is that the publication’s own Twitter feed is among the Top 20 in country music. Also no surprise is the enormous lead which Taylor Swift enjoys in this area. (In fact, the No. 2 entry on our list is a Swift wannabe.) Ms. Swift communicates all throughout the day, sharing her feelings with her fans with tweets such as, “wandering around an arena. By myself, looking like a lost child.” or “Kellie just got here. She just watched my dress rehearsal and is recommending the perfect pairs of shoes to go with each of my outfits. :)”

Artists use Twitter in different ways. But sometimes the feeds are unauthorized and not really from the artists. For example a feed labeled KennyChesney has 5,487 followers, with no tweets, but is not really from the artist. cunderwood83 with over 10,000 followers (listed below) is also unauthorized and not from the artist.

Log in to Twitter.com/username and read some of the tweets for yourself to see how artists are linking up with fans.

The numbers and ranking below were culled from data on Twittercounter.com and should be considered approximate. If your artist is missing, please send in their data and we’ll add them to this list. CountryMusic is the username for the CMA.

Overall Rank     Username     Followers
86        taylorswift13 304,804
267      tayswift 46,622
1029    LeannRimes 12,794
1048    KeithUrban 12,531
1151    cUnderwood83 10,838
1712    RascalFlatts 8,101
1713    Willie Nelson 8,100
1995    MartinaMcBride 7,150
2457    CountryMusic 5,913
2880    JulianneHough 5,137
4066    FaithHill 3,885
3849    Sugarlandmusic 3849
4352    SugarlandFans* 3,541
4433    MusicRow 3,523
4506    DierksBentley 3,485
4607    JohnRich 3,385
* According to BigMachine Records, Taylorswift13 is the official username for Taylor Swift.
* cunderwood83 according to the label is not authorized.
* SugarlandFans according to the label is not authorized.


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