Maren Morris Tops Country Radio With “The Bones”

Maren Morris is celebrating her fourth No. 1 single at country radio, as “The Bones” ascends to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Morris co-wrote “The Bones” with Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins.

Morris’ previous chart-toppers include “I Could Use A Love Song,” “GIRL,” and “Craving You,” with Thomas Rhett.

“The Bones” marks the first No. 1 song by a solo female country artist on the Billboard Country Airplay chart since Morris’ own previous chart-topper, “GIRL,” hit the pinnacle of the chart in July 2019. At that time, “GIRL” was the first No. 1 by a solo female artist on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart in more than a year— since Kelsea Ballerini’s “Legends” hit the top of the chart in February 2018.

“The Bones” marks Morris’ second No. 1 track from her album GIRL, which released in March 2019. Last year, in support of the album, Morris launched GIRL: The World Tour, featuring an all-female lineup, which included Cassadee Pope, RaeLynn, Kassi Ashton, Hailey Whitters and Tenille Townes.

Cody Alan Pledges Equal Play For Females On CMT Radio Live

Cody Alan made an announcement on his socials yesterday (Feb. 6) that his weeknight radio show, CMT Radio Live, has pledged to go 50/50 with equal play for both female and male artists as part of the CMT Equal Play Campaign. CMT Radio Live airs weeknights 7 pm-12 midnight and at

The move follows CMT’s recent announcement to establish a 50/50 programming policy for music videos from female artists on both its CMT and CMT Music channels. Of the full 29-hour primetime video hours across CMT’s platforms, female artists will account for half of those videos aired, an increase from its previous 40/60 ratio.

In January, CMT added a deal point to its radio distribution partnership extension which allows CMT to impact programming on over 230 stations. CMT’s Next Women of Country: Artist of the Month on-air feature allows CMT control of one spin per week for rising female artists, directly increasing airplay for females and the country charts.

Justin Moore Tributes Public Servants With 8th No. 1 Hit, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home”

Pictured (L-R, back row): BMLG’s Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Music’s Mike Molinar, VMC’s George Briner, Anthem’s Tim Wipperman, BMLG’s Allison Jones, Anthem’s Tim Hunze, UMPG’s Missy Roberts and Travis Gordon, ASCAP’s Holly Chester, Anthem’s Gilles Godard, BMI’s Josh Tomlinson; (L-R, front row): Songwriters Chase McGill (BMI), Justin Moore (BMI), Jeremy Stover (ASCAP), Paul DiGiovanni (ASCAP). Photo: Steve Lowry

Justin Moore celebrated his 8th No. 1 single, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” along with co-writers Jeremy Stover, Chase McGill and Paul DiGiovanni, at a party hosted by ASCAP and BMI at The Sutler in Nashville yesterday (Feb. 5).

The “war-themed, power ballad” was Stover’s seventh No. 1, McGill’s fourth, and DiGiovanni’s second. Stover also co-produced the track with Big Machine Label Group head Scott Borchetta.

The heartfelt party ended with a special presentation to Assistant Chief Daryl Davis of the Nashville Fire Department. Assistant Chief Davis was kind enough to allow Moore to film the official music video for the song at a fire station in his district to highlight the real-life sacrifices of his servicemen and servicewomen who put themselves on the front lines every day.

Pictured: Moore presenting a plaque to Assistant Fire Chief Daryl Davis from the Nashville Fire Department. Photo: Steve Lowry

BMI’s Josh Tomlinson lead the party and spoke about BMI-affiliated Moore and McGill. Tomlinson announced that Pinnacle Financial, BMI’s partner in No. 1 songs, had made a donation in honor of the song to the Nashville fire department. ASCAP’s Holly Chester was on hand to congratulate Stover and DiGiovanni.

Among those who expressed their congratulations were UMPG’s Missy Roberts and Travis Gordon.

“I met Paul about four and a half years ago, and shortly into that first meeting, I knew I had to work with him for the same reasons so many in this community have quickly come to love Paul,” Roberts said of DiGiovanni. “He is one of  the most positive, talented, humble and hardest-working people I know.”

“In the past two years, Chase has secured 50 major label cuts, four No. 1’s, two Grammy nominations, ACM Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year nominations, and he took home the NSAI Song of the Year award last year,” Gordon said of McGill. “Even with all the songwriter accolades in the past and those certainly to come in the future, I’m even more proud of how much work and time you put into your faith and your family. I’m quite certain by the time this is all done, the dad and husband you’ve become will be the best song you’ve ever written.”

Anthem Entertainment’s Tim Hunze was on hand to speak on the impact of the song. “I’ve had, as of this month, 27 years in the music business and one of the reasons we do what we do are for songs like this. It honestly means a lot to me when you guys honor these kinds of people, because it matters. Knowing what’s left behind when they don’t come home, it’s really hard. So thank you for that.” Hunze revealed that his brother-in-law passed away while serving in Iraq.

“My man Jeremy, we’ve been knowing each other for 20 years and one of the most exciting things when I came over to Anthem last year was I knew I would get to work with Jeremy again,” Hunze said of Stover. “This guy’s work ethic is beyond most people. We talk about how hard these guys work, but this guy has a company, he’s a producer and a songwriter, he has a family and three amazing kids and wife. It’s a pleasure to work with somebody like that. It’s an honor to represent you.”

Big Machine Music’s Mike Molinar summed up the sentiment of “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home.”

“I’m just proud to be in country music where we get these messages,” he said. “We get to have these songs on the radio and we get to give people a place where it stops them in their tracks and helps them remember that there are people laying their lives down for us and that we should celebrate all of what they do for us and what that provides in our lives.

“Every generation in country seems to have songs like this, from ‘Ragged Old Flag,’ ‘Arlington’ and ‘Letters From Home.’ This is this generation’s song. This is not going away, that’s because of how well you guys wrote it and how you just sing the shit out of everything,” Molinar said to Moore. “Congratulations and thank you, from us, for having the presence of mind to give this gift to our lives.”

Big Machine Label Group President/CEO, and co-producer of the track, Scott Borchetta had a lot to say about Moore.

“Justin has been a part of the Big Machine Label Group really from its inception,” Borchetta said. “He goes all the way back to 2005 and 2006 when we were launching. During 2006, when he was officially signed, we were trying to figure out the best way to release his music and at that point, we had Jack Ingram blowing up, we had Taylor [Swift] blowing up, we were doing records with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood and I had to go to Justin and say, ‘Look, I’ve got an idea. If you’ll trust me, I think it will work. I’m going to start a second imprint and I want you to be one of the lead artists on this imprint.’ He and Pete [Hartung, Moore’s manager] trusted us that we would take care of his music. He goes, ‘Man, if you’ve got my back, I’ve got your back.’ So, thanks for having my back,” he said to Moore.

“Eight No. 1 singles, over 3 million albums sold, countless incredible live appearances and experiences, and he has absolutely established himself as one of the torch-bearers for traditional country music. There’s not a better singer anywhere,” Borchetta said.

GM of The Valory Music Co. George Briner also spoke about Moore’s success and their partnership of 15 years with the ACM Award-winning artist.

Pictured (L-R): Producer and BMLG’s Scott Borchetta, songwriter Chase McGill, The Valory Music Co.’s Chris Palmer, Justin Moore, The Valory Music Co.’s Athena Puharic, songwriter and producer Jeremy Stover, The Valory Music Co.’s Ashley Sidoti, songwriter Paul DiGiovanni, The Valory Music Co.’s George Briner and Christy DiNapoli. Photo: Steve Lowry

Stover was the first of the song’s co-writers to speak during the occasion. He thanked Moore, his co-writers, Big Machine and Borchetta, Briner and The Valory Music Co.’s radio promotion staff, Pete Hartung and L3 Entertainment, ASCAP, the musicians that played on the record, engineers, his team at Red Creative Group’s Brooke Antonakos and Taylor Lamb, Anthem Entertainment and Tim Hunze, and his family.

“This song is for those who have sacrificed abroad and at home, I’m very happy to be here today with a lot of friends, some who served and sacrificed. Thank you,” Stover said with emotion.

“It’s an honor to be up here, not only with these guys celebrating a No. 1, but with how important of a song this is. I’ve had complete strangers and people I’ve known my entire life come up to me and tell me their version of this story and be vulnerable and share with me how much it means to them. That’s a really cool thing and I don’t know if I expected to ever be a part of something as moving as this,” DiGiovanni said. He thanked Moore, his co-writers, UMPG and Missy Roberts, Big Machine and the radio team, his family and the Green Bay Packers for letting them write the song in their parking lot.

“I’ve got to thank Jesus, I believe that if his forgiveness and love wasn’t real, then there is no possibility of me being on this stage right now and getting to do what I do. So I’ve got to thank him for the gifts he’s given me and these guys and for putting it in the hearts of the men and women we wrote this song about to go fight, and die if necessary, so that a couple of rednecks and a guy from Boston can go drink beer and write a country music song,” McGill said. He thanked his wife and family, UMG and Travis Gordon, his co-writers, BMI, the label and team.

Next it was time for the man of the hour to speak. He thanked BMI, Borchetta and The Valory Music Co., Hartung and L3 Entertainment, his band and crew, his co-writers, WME, and his family.

“From an artist’s perspective, it’s always great to enjoy the success of a hit song. Your pay goes up with each No. 1 and you get a little press, and this and that, it’s even more special when you have a song like this,” Moore said. “Very few artists have one of these songs and now to have a couple if you include ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,’ I feel incredibly fortunate. It’s more than just a hit song. The fact that men and women will come up and share their stories with me at a supermarket and thank me for writing or recording the song, it should be the other way around. It never gets old to hear those stories. I just feel proud to be a small part of this record.

“Of all of the people that I’ve mentioned, most importantly I want to send this out and the success and the platform that this song has provided to the men and women that the four of us wrote this song about. The men and women who not only serve our military but police officers, firefighters, all of our first responders, coast guard, teachers, nurses; the list goes on and on. Really the credit goes to those men and women. For that, I thank you,” Moore summed.

RCA Nashville Adds Sami Shea To Manager Role

Sami Shea

Sami Shea has joined RCA Nashville in the newly-created role of Manager, National Promotion. Shea previously served as NASH Campus Manager at Cumulus/Westwood One in Nashville. Her career trajectory has also included roles at East Coast Hockey League team Orlando Solar Bears, where she served as a sideline reporter and in-arena game host. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University.

Shea reports to RCA Nashville SVP, National Promotion Dennis Reese and can be reached at [email protected].

Nominees For Radio Awards Categories Revealed For The 55th ACM Awards

The Academy of Country Music announced the Radio Awards nominees for the 55th ACM Awards today (Feb. 3), including triple nominations for KUZZ-AM/FM in Bakersfield, California; and double nominations for WIL-FM in St. Louis, Missouri; WNSH-FM in New York, New York; CKRY-FM in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; WUBE-FM in Cincinnati, Ohio; KXKT-FM in Omaha, Nebraska and WUSY-FM in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Radio Awards are given out during the annual Radio Winners Reception which will be held on Saturday, April 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the day prior to the ACM Awards live telecast on Sunday, April 5 at 8 p.m. ET/delayed PT on CBS. The full list of 55th ACM Awards nominations will be announced in the coming weeks.

The following stations on MusicRow‘s CountryBreakout Radio Chart panel earned nominations: WCOW-FM – Sparta, Wisconsin’s Ben & Arnie – Ben Butler, Arnie Andrews for On-Air Personality Of The Year – Small Market; WGGC-FM – Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Big Rick In The Morning – “Big” Rick Daniels for On-Air Personality Of The Year – Small Market; and KTHK-FM – Idaho Falls, Idaho for Radio Station Of The Year – Small Market.

55th ACM Radio Awards nominees are:
Blair Garner, “Off Eric” Garner – The Blair Garner Show
Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan, Ray – The Bobby Bones Show
Charlie Chase, Lorianne Crook – The Crook & Chase Countdown
Buzz Brainard – The Music Row Happy Hour
Storme Warren, Mary Carlisle Callahan, Thomas Massad – The Storme Warren Show

Bud and Broadway  WIL-FM – St. Louis, MO
Kelly Ford in the Morning – Kelly Ford  WNSH-FM – New York, NY
Mason & Remy  WIL-FM – St. Louis, MO
The Morning Wolfpack with Matt McAllister  – Matt McAllister, Emily Raines, Slow Joe Wallace KKWF-FM – Seattle, WA
The Rob and Holly Show – Rob Stone, Holly Hutton  WYCD-FM – Detroit, MI

Lexi and Banks KUBL-FM – Salt Lake City, UT
Marty McFly WSM-FM – Nashville, TN
Q Morning Crew with Mike and Janie WQDR-FM – Raleigh, NC
Robyn & Roger in the Morning CKRY-FM – Calgary, AB
The Big Dave Show – Big Dave, Chelsie, Statt, Ashley WUBE-FM – Cincinnati, OH

Brent Michaels KUZZ-AM/FM – Bakersfield, CA
Clay & Company  WYRK-FM – Buffalo, NY
Kenn McCloud KUZZ-AM/FM – Bakersfield, CA
Steve & Gina in the Morning  – Steve Lundy, Gina Melton  KXKT-FM – Omaha, NE
The Cowboy Kyle Show – Cowboy Kyle WUSY-FM – Chattanooga, TN

Adam & Jen in the Morning  KIOK-FM – Kennewick, WA
Ben & Arnie – Ben Butler, Arnie Andrews WCOW-FM – Sparta, WI
Big Rick In The Morning – “Big” Rick Daniels WGGC-FM – Bowling Green, KY
Scotty & Catryna in the Morning – Scotty Cox, Catryna Craw KCLR-FM – Columbia, MO
Steve & Jessica – Steve Waters, Jessica Cash WFLS-FM – Washington, DC

KAJA-FM San Antonio, TX
KFRG-FM San Bernardino, CA
KILT-FM Houston, TX
WNSH-FM New York, NY
WSOC-FM Charlotte, NC

CKRY-FM Calgary, AB
WDSY-FM Pittsburgh, PA
WIRK-FM West Palm Beach, FL
WMIL-FM Milwaukee, WI
WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH

KATM-FM Stockton, CA
KUZZ-AM/FM Bakersfield, CA
WUSY-FM Chattanooga, TN

KKNU-FM Eugene, OR
KTHK-FM Idaho Falls, ID
WBYT-FM South Bend, IN
WPAP-FM Panama City, FL
WYCT-FM Pensacola, FL

Mark Your Calendar—February 2020

Industry Events

February 19-21
Country Radio Seminar 2020

February 19
MusicRow‘s CountryBreakout Awards

February 24
T.J. Martell Nashville Gala

February 25
CMA Triple Play Awards


Single Add Dates

February 3
Hot Country Knights feat. Travis Tritt/Pick Her Up/Capitol
Dustin Lynch/Momma’s House/Broken Bow
Randall King/She Gone/Warner Music Nashville/WMN
Austin Merrill/Whiskey & Water/Foundry Records
Frankie Justin/Spotlight/SMG Nashville
Taylor Marie Wagner/Dear Secret Admirer

February 10
Luke Combs feat. Eric Church/Does To Me/River House/Columbia
HARDY feat. Lauren Alaina & Devin Dawson/One Beer/Big Loud
Randy Rogers Band/You, Me And A Bottle/Thirty Tigers
The Ashley Sisters/Country Music Kinda Love/GKM Records
Rebel Hearts/When Will I Be Loved/Rebel Hearts Records
Ashley Barron/Beer In A Bar/SSM Entertainment

February 14
Cort Carpenter/One Thing/Triple C Records
Johnny Day/Two Good Forgivers

February 17
Lady Antebellum/What I’m Leaving For/BMLG
Tyler Farr/Only Truck In Town/Night Train/Broken Bow
Dylan Scott/Nobody/Curb Records
Chris Bandi/Man Enough Now/RECORDS

February 21
George Shingleton/Fire or Flame/Rock Ridge Music

February 24
Angela Oliver/Ghosts In This Town/CCB Nashville


Album Releases

February 7
The Cadillac Three/Country Fuzz/BMLG
Aubrie Sellers/Far From Home 
Tenille Townes/Road To The Lemonade Stand/Columbia Nashville
William Prince/Reliever/Glassnote Records

February 14
Carly Pearce/Carly Pearce/Big Machine Records
Matthew West/Brand New/Provident Label Group/Sony Music/Story House Music

February 21
Jon Wolfe/Live At The Legendary Gruene Hall/Fool Hearted Productions
Randy Travis/Precious Memories/Gaither Music Group

February 28
The Secret Sisters/Saturn Return/New West Records
Hailey Whitters/The Dream/Pigasus Records

Weekly Radio Report (1/31/20)

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Weekly Radio Report (1/24/20)

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Performers Announced For ‘MusicRow’ Magazine’s 18th Annual Country Radio Meet & Greet And CountryBreakout Awards

Pictured (L-R): Joe Hanson, Shane Owens.

MusicRow Magazine’s upcoming 18th Annual Meet & Greet and CountryBreakout Awards will feature performances from Shane Owens and Joe Hanson.

This private event, which is slated for Feb. 19, will be open to MusicRow Magazine members, including country radio broadcasters and industry affiliates ahead of the 2020 Country Radio Seminar. This year’s presenting sponsor is FirstBank.

“We are very excited to have both Joe Hanson and Shane Owens showcase their exceptional talents at this year’s Country Radio event,” adds MusicRow Publisher/Owner Sherod Robertson. “We look forward to hosting this annual event for our valued industry members in order to celebrate and honor those reaching the most spins on our MusicRow radio chart. MusicRow’s reporting panel of stations for the CountryBreakout Chart represent the best in secondary radio.”

Owens, who was previously named MusicRow’s Independent Artist of the Year in 2018, returns as a performer for this year’s event. The Alabama native makes traditional country music for the modern world. Timeless and timely, it’s a classic sound with a contemporary edge, driven forward by a mix of southern storytelling, Bible-belt twang, and Owens’ big, booming baritone.

Owens’ latest album, Thankful For Country Music, features his current single “Hard Luck Girl” which is currently receiving airplay nationally as well as 11 more tracks heavily influenced by the music and stylings of country music traditionalists ranging from Ray Price to Conway Twitty.

Longtime country music journalist Robert K. Oermann points to Owens’ traditional approach as his strongest weapon. “I like to think that there are cycles in [country] music,” Oermann explains. “Usually, the pendulum swings out and the pop-country people bring in a whole lot of new listeners, and then the new listeners discover real country music. Then there’s usually a swing back to more traditional styles. I hope we’re on the cusp of that… and if we are, Shane is perfectly positioned.”

He made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2017 and has been invited back for additional appearances. Cracker Barrel has picked Owens’ music to appear in several of the store’s exclusive releases, while Netflix included his song “Country Never Goes Out of Style” in the popular series The Ranch.

Owens continues to move forward, but he also remains rooted in the sound that launched his career, breathing new life into a sound that’s at once fresh and familiar.

Also performing is Illinois native Joe Hanson who is best known for appearing on The Voice and has proven to stand out and stand up for country music. Hanson’s talent also took him directly in front of a distinguished panel consisting of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan of American Idol. These prestigious opportunities speak volumes of Hanson’s talent in these early stages of his career and dedication to his craft.

Hanson adds, “These experiences helped guide me along my journey in music and helped me realize that every artist has a unique gift with their artistry and that although these are great opportunities to fast track the dream of ‘making it’ in music there’s no one way to get there.”

Hanson’s love for country music started with humble beginnings in the church located in his hometown of Naperville, Illinois where he developed his love for both God and music. Hanson subsequently moved to Nashville and has teamed up with chart-topping producers and writers to touch as many lives as possible with his positive message through music.

From the great emerging artist stage at Summerfest Festival in Milwaukee to Nashville’s music circuit, Hanson is an artist who continues to build momentum.

Last year, he released the single “Young Got Old,” a nostalgic anthem for youth and growing up which he co-wrote alongside Jason Duke and Travis Smith. He is currently working on a new EP to be released later this year.

This year’s Meet & Greet and CountryBreakout Awards will honor the 2020 CountryBreakout Awards winners, which are tallied from chart performance on the MusicRow CountryBreakout Chart in 2019. Categories include Male Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Group/Duo of the Year, Breakout Artist of the Year, Independent Artist of the Year, Label of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year (for writing the most No. 1 songs on the MusicRow CountryBreakout Chart over the previous year). The Reporter of the Year honor will be selected by MusicRow staff from its weekly reporting panel of over 80 country stations in the secondary radio market throughout the United States. The winners will be profiled in MusicRow Magazine’s 2020 Country Radio print issue.

Subscribed members will receive their copy of the MusicRow Country Radio issue by mail. To be added to the mailing list and to receive your invitation to the 2020 event, become a member of MusicRow Magazine at

Weekly Chart Report (1/17/19)

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