Bobby Karl Works The Room: MusicRow Magazine’s Cover Reveal Party

Pictured (L-R): MusicRow Publisher/Owner Sherod Robertson, Carly Pearce, and ASCAP’s Mike Sistad. Photo: Ed Rode Photography


Chapter 599

Here are some things you remember as you climb to country stardom.

The first time somebody asks you for your autograph; the first time you hear yourself on the radio; your first big concert appearance; signing your first recording contract; making your first video; doing your first media interview; winning your first award.

How about this? The first time you are on the cover of a big magazine.

We celebrated that last one with Carly Pearce on Monday afternoon (Aug. 13) at ASCAP. That is the day that the “Artist Roster” edition of MusicRow was published. And guess who is smiling on its cover?

Pictured (L-R): MusicRow Publisher/Owner Sherod Robertson and Carly Pearce. Photo: Ed Rode Photography

“This is the first time that MusicRow has done this event,” said the mag’s owner/publisher Sherod Robertson. He and Carly unveiled a blow-up of the cover on ASCAP’s stage in the lobby.

“I’ve been reading this magazine for years,” Carly responded. “So this is kind of a full-circle moment.

“What a year-and-a-half I’ve had,” she continued. “I’m really grateful to all of you. I will never, ever, ever take it for granted.”

It has been a long climb for the young singer-songwriter. Carly formed her first band at age 11 in 2001, became a full-time entertainer at Dollywood at age 16, moved to Nashville at age 19 and served nearly six years in a fruitless Sony label development deal.

Party attendee J.R. Schumann helped to change her life. He put “Every Little Thing” on Sirius/XM radio. Attendee Allison Jones took note and urged attendee Scott Borchetta to sign Carly to Big Machine. Attendee Jeff Gregg put her on the road via CAA. Manager Rob Baker – also an attendee – managed her progress. You’ll find all of them in the Artist Roster issue.

Pictured (L-R): ASCAP’s Michael Martin and Beth Brinker, Carly Pearce, and ASCAP’s Mike Sistad. Photo: Ed Rode Photography

Pictured (L-R): Big Machine Label Group’s Scott Borchetta, Carly Pearce, and Longshot Management’s Rob Baker and Aaron Kinssies. Photo: Ed Rode Photography

Hosting ASCAP’s Michael Martin and Mike Sistad were with her all along the journey. Sistad presented Carly with a framed souvenir of the cover image.

“I want to thank you so much for being here — we’re so proud to have Carly in the ASCAP family,” said Mike. “I’ve known her for nine years.”

“Mike Sistad and ASCAP were among the first to support me,” Carly confirmed.

As we all know, the aching ballad “Every Little Thing” blasted its way to No. 1. Now, Carly’s saucy “Hide the Wine” is poised to repeat the feat.

Everyone must have been primed for a party, because the event was really crowded. The thunderous schmoozing in the echo-y lobby came courtesy of Chuck Flood, Chuck Thompson, Charlie Monk, Sarah Skates, Martha Moore, Sherrill Blackman, Steve O’Brien, Suzanne Lee, Dale Bobo, Dan Keen, Melanie Howard, Mike Craft, Becca Walls, Pat Higdon, Kos Weaver, Julie Boos, Andrew Kintz, Lisa Konicki and Cindy Owen, among many others.

Beaming above it all was Carly Pearce, who is notable for her positive attitude, no matter the length or difficulty of the climb. She also has a can-do work ethic that is awesome.

“This is an artist who will do whatever it takes to assure her place in this world,” Sherod observed. “She has been named a MusicRow Next Big Thing artist. Women are so important to this industry, and MusicRow is a big supporter of women.”

Read more about Pearce’s career here.

Pictured (L-R): MusicRow Publisher/Owner Sherod Robertson, Robert Oermann, Carly Pearce, and MusicRow‘s Haley Crow, Alex Kobrick, Eric Parker, and Jessica Nicholson. Photo: Ed Rode Photography


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