Kobalt App Tracks Global Rights, Songwriter Earnings In Real Time

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Kobalt has announced the release of the Kobalt App. For the first time, music creators will be able to view all their rights globally and see how each song directly translates into income.

“This connection between a creator’s works and their income is the first of its kind,” said Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Founder and CEO. “It’s a fundamental shift in the relationship between rights owners and their data. Imagine how that will influence their decisions, shape their perspectives on the industry and streaming, empowering them with the facts. I believe this will have an enormous impact on the future of music—out of the dark ages, full access, in real time. All in one app. The revolution continues!”

Key features of the Kobalt App include:

• Music Feed: Kobalt clients can scroll through their top 100 music earnings at a glance, or explore by quarter, right type and territory. With daily updates, they will always have the latest income and activity data from all publishing sources, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, and many more.

• News: Creators can stay up to date on industry news and important account updates from Kobalt, including real-time synch activity, payments, registration, and much more.

• YouTube: Clients can track where and how their music is being used on YouTube. Whether it’s an official video, a cover song, or a viral sensation, creators will know exactly how many views Kobalt is monetizing.

• Financials: Creators can see the money they’re making in real time, and break down income by top earning works, right type, or country. They can also compare financial data across previous quarters, and find out when their statements are due.

• Synch: From pitch to payment, clients can keep track of every synch opportunity around the world. They can favorite the synch opportunities they want to follow closely, or tap to explore more details.

“Putting the power of Kobalt into the hands of creators has always been a top priority for me. Today’s music creators deserve the same transparent, on-demand access to their data that most other industries already have. The Kobalt App is a giant step toward delivering that for our clients,” said Ahdritz. “The feedback we are getting from our clients is incredible—no one has seen anything like this before! This is the only app that delivers true transparency for creators.”

The Kobalt App is free to use for Kobalt Publishing clients, and available in countries where the Apple App Store operates. The Android version of the Kobalt App is planned for release in the near future.


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