DISClaimer: Dreamers & Singers

RaeLynn-MefeaturedThis is a week for beginners. Fully eight of these 10 artists are making their debuts in the DisClaimer column. And both of our winners are first timers.

Young RaeLynn wins our Disc of the Day prize. Heaven knows, we need more solo females in this format. Native Texan Darwin Macon bursts on the scene with one of the finest singles in this stack of platters. And it is, hands down, the best song of the day. Give that man a DisCovery Award.

Writers: Chris Wallin/Dave Gibson; Producers: T.W. Cargile/Greg Shirley; Publishers: Ole Red Cape/29 Cent Hamburger/ASCAP; Garage Door
-Alabama’s Greg Shirley was one of the dozens of new artists showcasing during CRS last week. His ballad is tastefully produced, sung with country authority and carries a cautionary message from an old man to a youngster. Recommended.

Writers: RaeLynn/Laura Veltz; Producer: Joey Moi; Publishers: Super Big/I Take the Bull By the Horns/Big Machine/Prescription/Kobalt/Warner-Tamerlane/Oh Denise, ASCAP/BMI; Valory Music
-Catchy and youthful. Accompanied by a bouncing, beefy track, she’s urging a guy to go ahead and make a move.

Writers: none listed; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; RolleyCstr
-Thin sounding. The band is spare, and her singing is pretty lightweight.

MITCH GOUDY/My Girl’s Hand
Writers: none listed; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; Third Floor
-He kinda mumbles and meanders in the heartbroken verses. He opens up vocally in the choruses, finally getting to the point: “He’s holding my girl’s hand.”

Darwin MaconDARWIN MACON/I Still Drink About Her
Writers: Bobby Terry/Jason Sellers; Producer: Jason Rooks; Publishers: none listed; Macon Bacon
-This wins points for the title, alone. The singer is solidly country and the production jangles admirably. And you can’t beat a lyric like this: “One more to remember, one more to forget, one more for the road that I can’t seem to go down yet.” A winner.

Writers: Heather Morgan/Zac Maloy; Producer: none listed; Publishers: Sony-ATV/Warner Chappell, no performance rights listed; AJ
-The intent is rock ‘em, sock ‘em. I wasn’t convinced.

Writers: Peter Jordan; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; World International
-I sort of like the drum-machine, Euro-pop production mixed with the on-the-road, sing-songy country tune. Ear grabbing.

POOR J. BROWN/Daddy’s Son
Writers: none listed; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; PJB
-This is the debut single from a six-piece Texas band. Vocally and instrumentally, they sound like they have the goods. The song, however, has almost no melody whatsoever.

Writers: Terri Sharp; Producer: Rick Durrett; Publishers: Bocephus/Paradise Cove, BMI; Heartshake (track)
-The singer is from Scotland. The songwriter is from Texas. The producer is from Nashville. They all seem talented, but the sum of their efforts just lays there lifeless.

Writers: Jeremy Burchard/Jennica Scott; Producers: Matt Noveskey/Jeremy Burchard; Publisher: none listed; MS
-This is male-female duo. She sings with striking, full-throated volume, and he wails harmony with equal force. The track burns with fiery energy. The only drawback is that the song’s title is buried. Send more. I am definitely intrigued.


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