Updated: Garth Brooks Reveals ‘Man Against Machine’ Track Listing

garthGarth Brooks has revealed the track listing for his upcoming 14-track album, Man Against Machine, due on Nov. 11 through RCA Nashville/Pearl Records (full list below). Brooks co-wrote three tracks on the album.

Samples of each of the tracks from Garth Brooks’ new album are now available on GhostTunes through the end of today (Oct. 31). From the inspirational “People Loving People,” to the tearjerker ballad “Mom,” the classic Garth-sounding “All-American Kid,” to the swing-influenced “Romeo and Juliet,” Garth describes each song on the album, while a snippet of each tune plays in the background.

“It is the perfect Garth Brooks song,” he said of “All-American Kid.” “We’re lucky enough to travel around the world playing music. The first thing I tell people is, ‘I’m American. I’m not going to change to fit your format.’ We’re not going to lose the steels, the fiddles. We’re going to do what we do, which is Country music with muscle in it. It’s Garth Brooks Country music with a hell of a lot of muscle.”

“Because it is GhostTunes, Halloween seems like the perfect time,” said Garth in a release. “[We] speak a little bit on each song as a snippet of the song was playing…We went into studio and tried it. We were all surprised to hear how cool it turned out.”

Man Against Machine will digitally release exclusively with GhostTunes, but will be available at physical retailers nationwide.

The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood will play Lexington, Ky. through Nov. 1, select dates in Minneapolis, Minn., from Nov. 6-15, Greensboro, N.C. from Nov. 19-23, St. Louis, Mo. from Dec. 4-7 and Little Rock, Ark., from Dec. 12-13.

Full track listing:
1. Man Against Machine (Larry Bastian/Jenny Yates/Brooks)
2. She’s Tired of Boys (Amanda Williams/Brooks)
3. Cold Like That (Steven Lee Olsen/Melissa Peirce/Chris Wallin)
4. All-American Kid (Craig Campbell/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
5. Mom (Don Sampson/Wynn Varble)
6. Wrong About You (Adam Wright)
7. Rodeo and Juliet (Bryan Kennedy/Brooks)
8. Midnight Train (Melissa Peirce/Matthew A. Rossi)
9. Cowboys Forever (Wynn Varble/John Martin/Dean Dillon)
10. People Loving People (Lee Miller/Chris Wallin/busbee)
11. Send ‘Em On Down the Road (Marc Beeson/Allen Shamblin)
12. Fish (Chris Wallin/Wynn Varble)
13. You Wreck Me (Stephanie Bentley/Kevin Kadish/Dan Muckala)
14. Tacoma (Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero)


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