Primetime ‘Nashville’: Stones You Throw

“Be Careful of Stones That You Throw”
Season 1 | Episode 109 | Aired 01/09/2013

Nashville shines when Juliette and Rayna share the screen. Their witty, often nipping, banter offers some of the show’s best lines, for instance, last night when Rayna assured Juliette she doesn’t hate her—”The only things I hate are sunburns and hangovers, this is just business.” Hopefully, these divas will have many more scenes together in upcoming episodes when they are on their co-headlining tour.

The five-month run will give Rayna and Teddy a break from their rocky marriage. On the downside, it will hold up recording her new album with producer Liam.

Among the episode’s highlights was seeing Teddy grow a backbone and stand up to his conniving father-in-law Lamar, who is threatening to expose the fact that Teddy is not the biological father of he and Rayna’s oldest daughter, Maddie.

The tour is also a great escape for Juliette, who eloped with football player Sean but then ditched him at the alter before the big, church wedding his mother planned. Instead, she hopped a jet during a montage backed by the episode’s only new song, “Change Your Mind.”

Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges wrote the song, but on the show it was penned by Scarlett and Gunnar. Elsewhere in Scarlett-land, she hopped back in the sack with Avery long enough to realize why they broke up in the first place, particularly after he ‘fessed up that he fired his longtime band because Atlanta-based producer Dominic Wells (Wyclef Jean) wanted to sign him as a solo act. Scarlett filled in as singer with his former band, which led to one of the episode’s best moments: the look of disbelief on Avery’s face when he saw a video of the performance.

Elsewhere, Deacon was on a major tour with legendary rock band The Revel Kings, but when old flame/journalist Carmen joined them on the road, she could tell he was struggling with the new situation.


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