Country Brings Value To Fill Stadiums

Are country acts stadium ready? You bet, according to an L.A. Times article today by Nashville’s Holly Gleason which touts country music’s ability to attract fans to these larger-than-life gatherings. By example the article names Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift and the CMA’s MusicFest as four stadium-size country shows all happening on the same recent June weekend.

Louis Messina, Messina Group CEO tells the Times, “Country artists are fan-friendly, and that transcends what’s onstage to the price, the vibe, what goes on all day. They put out the welcome sign: Come into the party. Let’s have fun.”

“Value, value, value,” agrees Live Nation President of Country Touring Brian O’Connell.

The article notes that supporting a stadium show requires more than just selling tickets. “You need enough music to sustain that kind of show,” notes Manager Clarence Spalding.

Respected record industry veteran Joe Galante adds, “Touring is how acts build, and stadiums are like jet fuel: It’s hyperspeed, more opportunities, more excitement. If you do 10 stadium shows, you’ve just played to a half-million fans. That’s more than some acts play to all year.”

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