Incredible Machine To Start Up Oct. 19

Sugarland’s upcoming album, The Incredible Machine is set for release on Oct. 19. Also being released on the same day will be a Deluxe Edition which, in addition to the project’s 11 songs, includes Blood Love Hope Lust and Steam, a “making of”  album documentary. Also inside will be the music video for “Stuck Like Glue,” and a live performance video for the title track.

The project is already getting notice from critics because it takes the duo into musically uncharted waters. “We are in a place of discovery,” Jennifer says. “It is the essence of who we are as people in this band.” Adds Kristian, “It’s just the two of us. In the story of who we are, this album is more us than we’ve ever been.”

The CD’s 11 songs were all co-written and co-produced by Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush who worked in the studio with producer Byron Gallimore. Lead single from the new package, the Top 5 hit “Stuck Like Glue” has already been certified Gold for digital downloads.

itunes is making a new track from The Incredible Machine available every tuesday. To date fans can download/purchase the title track plus “Wide Open.” “Little Miss” will be posted for download on Oct. 12.

Here’s some background about the inspiration of this album from Kristian’s blog on

Of the movies I saw as a teenager, none had more impact on me than the films of John Hughes. I think it was some combination of age, angst, young love and an overpowering need to be understood. As his films unfolded — films like The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink — I was sucked into the worlds of these characters and their lives, and I connected to them in some basic, almost archetypal way. The emotional turns in these movies were always layered with the character saying something perfect — and then, always, the perfect song. I wanted the soundtracks immediately.

In East Tennessee where I’m from,” we were slow to get news or music from of many of the bands on Hughes’ soundtracks, so there was also a discovering combined with those compilations. Some of the bands had the strangest names: Echo and the Bunnymen. New Order. The Smiths. Where do these kinds of bands come from? I would ask myself. Who are they, and how is it that they are writing the soundtrack to these movies — and, in a way, to my life? I’m not sure I would have discovered Simple Minds if Hughes hadn’t played “Don’t You Forget About Me” under the last scene of Breakfast Club, or learned to play Psychedelic Furs songs had “Pretty in Pink” not been the title track to the movie of the same name.

During the process of writing and recording our new album, I remember thinking, “If those movies were made today, what songs would be on the soundtracks?” I’m sure that with more than a few of the songs on this new album, I was trying to make that cut. After we finished the basic recordings and moved in to the process of mixing the album, I revisited this idea while sitting in the window, eyes closed, headphones on, trying to imagine the scenes that matched up with each song. I wonder what lives these songs will supply the soundtrack for? What kiss will have “Tonight” playing in the background? What kid’s party will rock to “Find the Beat Again” while their parents are out of town?  What road trip will forever be linked to The Incredible Machine? I wonder if there is a sixteen year old out there who will discover something new in the sounds coming out of their speaker like I did at that age.


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