Soundcheck Flooding Devastates Local Music Industry

Adam Gold, from MusicRow’s sister publication the Nashville Scene, posted the following story about the devastation that hit flooded Nashville rehearsal and storage facility Soundcheck, and the far-reaching effects – financial and emotional – on the city’s musicians and music industry.

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Soundcheck Nashville Is Submerged [Lost in the Flood]
When compared to the 19 reported deaths statewide, the homes lost, scrapbooks ruined, missing pets, businesses crippled and lives destroyed, the following might seem like a trite observation, but I can’t help but make it anyway.

Water is no friend to musical instruments. While watching a torrent of heartbreak rip through our city this weekend, as a musician I couldn’t help but constantly wonder how much priceless gear of all kinds was in the process of being destroyed with each passing current and rising inch. While the loss of an original ’59 Les Paul, a Tweed Fender Bassman or the mixing console After the Gold Rush was recorded on is no tragedy in comparison to the loss of human life, we’re talking about the tools with which many peeps in these parts make a living.

As you all well know, Nashville is rife with home studios and basement rehearsal spaces. Couple that with the professional spaces affected, and inevitably the cumulative value of the losses is incalculable, and sentimental losses are even greater. Read the complete story from the Nashville Scene and see more photos here.

Soundcheck's submerged Nashville facility


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