JoggleBug Gives Social Networking a Voice

JoggleBug, a new technology giving social media a voice throughout the Internet and on mobile phones, has officially launched. JoggleBug allows celebrities and politicians to “speak” to their fans in real voice, real time. The patent-pending JoggleBug technology allows personalities to pick up their cell phone and leave voice messages within the JoggleBug network, which are then instantly distributed to the celebrity’s website and multiple social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Simple and free, JoggleBug gives fans and followers an all-access pass to the world of artists, celebrities, public figures and more.

The JoggleBug technology includes the JoggleBug player, which fans, bloggers, journalists, and even news services can embed on any website and control the content they wish to receive. Fans can even listen to JoggleBug messages on their mobile phones, which allows celebrities and politicians a one-step, one-stop communication tool distributing a message to multiple points of presence which builds their brand globally.

“Wherever celebrities and politicians have an Internet presence, JoggleBug can be heard in that space,” said company CEO and Co-Founder Ann Cameron, who created JoggleBug after she felt something was missing in social networking. “We give celebrities and politicians an easy new way to communicate with their fans and followers. Our goal is to be in every social media space that exists. Social networking is a great way to connect. However, without voice, how connected are we? JoggleBug is a perfect way to bridge that gap.”

For celebrities desiring a more genuine connection to their fans, for elected officials spreading the word about a policy or platform to their constituents or for a comedian sharing something funny, JoggleBug is their instant, unfiltered, anywhere, everywhere answer. JoggleBug fans can hear directly from the green room, backstage, the studio, the road, wherever celebrities and politicians are and whenever they have something to share. For the fans, hearing the actual voice of their favorite celebrities and politicians adds a personal touch to social networking.

“Why would I want to read a text when I can hear the person’s voice,” added Cameron “Voice has been around since the beginning of time. It was taken out of our lives through texting and emailing. We’re missing a component of our socialization, the emotions and feelings that are attributed to another dimension of communication – voice. JoggleBug gives us back our voice.”

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