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In general, that’s what this week’s listening session was. There is nothing in this stack of platters that will change your life. Indeed, most of these discs will barely rouse you from your spring slumbers.

The most exciting thing here comes courtesy of our DisCovery Award winner. Kyle Park is a triple threat as a singer, writer and producer. Lend him your ears.

Our Disc of the Day comes from perennial competitor Anthony Smith. His “Love Is Love Is Love” has an unusual sound and is just intriguingly different enough to earn him some airplay. I hope.


Writer: Chelsea Rae; Producer: Josh Mendez; Publisher: none listed; JKMusicwerks (630-439-6006)

—Imaginatively produced, with a steady drumbeat, fishing-line effects and a cool, stuttering repeated guitar riff. Her vocal just has enough moxie to sell this feisty “attitude” number.

COLT FORD/Chicken & Biscuits

Writer: Colt Ford/Rhett Akins/Ben Hayslip; Producer: Jayson Chance & Shannon Houchins; Publisher: Average ZJS/Rhettneck/EMI Blackwood/Melissa’s Money/Get a Load of This/WB, BMI/ASCAP; Average Joe (CDX) (www.coltford.com)

—I hate country rapping. Most especially when the song is this dull.


Writer: Paul Overstreet/Billy Aerts/Scott Lynch; Producer: Billy Aerts & Paul Overstreet; Publisher: Scarlet Moon/Stormey/Baby Gray/Par, BMI; Scarlet Moon (CDX) (615-496-6163)

—The kids go fishing. Sis has a busted lip and black eye from her boyfriend, who has disappeared. Wonder why the fish are feeding on the bottom of the Cove? I just love a good, dark story song. Don’t you?

THE SPRINGS/Summer All Year Long

Writer: Stewart Halcomb; Producer: Lamar Morris & Larry Marrs; Publisher: none listed, BMI; CFC (CDX) (334-393-2376)

—Brightly bouncing. Too bad the lead singer is strangulated and wimpy.

RAY STEVENS/Caribou Barbie

Writer: Max T. Barnes/Matt Cline/Brent Baxter; Producer: Ray Stevens; Publisher: Ray Stevens/Grand Avenue/Songs of Peer/Chords of RPM, BMI/ASCAP; Clyde (CDX)

—“Palin for President has a nice ring to it.” It does? “She’s read the Constitution, too.” She has? Musical drivel from the nut-jobbers.

KYLE PARK/I’m Missing You

Writer: Kyle Park; Producer: Kyle Park; Publisher: Kyle Park, BMI; Winding Road (www,kyleparkmusic.com)

—It’s not the most original song idea in the world, but this kid sings with great heart and verve. What’s more, he is a superb producer with a terrific touch for both acoustic and electrified elements. Highly recommended.


Writer: Randy Houser/Ed Hill/Mark D. Sanders; Producer: Mark Wright & Cliff Audretch III; Publisher: none listed; Show Dog – Universal

—He’s such a fine singer. Why is he squandering himself on this?


Writer: Nathan Lee Jackson/Mila Lukich/Jonn Hamlin; Producer: Jeff Glixman; Publisher: Starbarn/Quarter Sun/Seven Tulip Lane/Mila Lukich, ASCAP; Star City (www.starcityrecording.com)

—Atmospheric. His somewhat thin voice doesn’t match the drama in the production, but he tries hard.

ANTHONY SMITH/Love Is Love Is Love

Writer: Anthony Smith/Eric Silver; Producer: Anthony Smith & Eric Silver; Publisher: Krankit/Pickanbo, BMI/ASCAP; Krankit (www.anthonysmith.com)

—It feels like it is lumbering at first, but as it picks up steam, the churning tempo makes super audio sense. Wave a hankie as this one leaves the station, shouting harmonies all the way.


Writer: Gwen Sebastian/Brian Eckert/Dean Miller; Producer: Louis Newman; Publisher: Midnight Ride/Brian Eckert/Songs of Universal/Prince of the Road, ASCAP/SESAC/BMI; Open Road/Lofton Creek (www.gwensebastian.com)

—She’s a barefoot girl tripping the light fantastic in velvet-rope, high-heels Hollywood. Breezy and bright.


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