Lyric Street Creates Off Cycle Flatts Holiday Song Bundle

Rascal Flatts and Lyric Street are offering fans a special Valentines Day song bundle, 14 Love Songs For The 14th. The 14-track bundle offers some of the group’s more passionate songs from previous CDs including “Bless the Broken Road,” “Unstoppable” and “My Wish.” The specially priced digital-only package is available at retailers such as iTunes and Amazon for only two weeks starting Feb. 9.

Ashley Heron

Ashley Heron

“Ultimately, in the business of digital music we live in a very a la carte world,” says Lyric Street Sr. Manager of Marketing, Ashley Heron. “Sometimes customers don’t get the opportunity to discover album tracks that they otherwise may have looked over. It’s not unusual to purchase the CD for a specific song, and later fall in love with an additional album cut. In today’s digital marketplace we aren’t force feeding these other tracks which are potentially new fan favorites. The love songs compilation allows us to not only wrap a bundle around a theme of songs, but also reintroduce some tracks to Flatts fans. It’s also a way to partner with iTunes and our other digital retailers and say, “We don’t have new product right now, but here’s a way for us to give something new to the fans. We’re not trying to confuse them, but want to make sure that if they were creating a play list then we gave them an easy way to bundle them together.”

The fourteen song bundle has special pricing. MusicRow found it on iTunes for $9.99 and Amazon at $9.49. “It’s up to the retailer,” says Heron. “We have a wholesale price which determines our cost, then it is up to the retailer to assign a price. This kind of package is still an experiment. I expect we’ll get both good and bad feedback. In the future you might see packages like this with added new tracks or a pdf file. But this bundle is a good step toward taking advantage of the digital format and the ability to release products off cycle.”

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Here’s some actual reviews lifted from iTunes this morning that illustrate different fan reactions
by the_heights
…of course if you’re a Flatts fan then you probably already have all of these songs. So just go make a play list to match. If you’re new though this would be an excellent album to buy because the songs are some of their best stuff.

by Gabe 19
I’m a big fan of Rascal Flatts, but this seems like an unnecessaaryu release. Anyways all songs on here are great.


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