Siman Blasts Channel 5 Scalping Expose

Editorial: Scott Siman, President RPM Management

“Kudos to Channel 5 for investigating and getting it all wrong. Please, Bob Lefsetz? He couldn’t find Nashville with Mapquest. He is a true idiot. Are there issues? Yes. Does he understand them? No. Actually, for many acts, tickets are under priced. Market value, American spirit of economy should prevail. Some practices are wrong in favor of the consumer, but some are wrong in favor of the artist. Does Keith Urban dig that far into it? I hope not because he wouldn’t be focusing enough on creative. Shame on Channel 5 trying to vilify him. Maybe it’s because the CMA switched networks to ABC??? Oh, we can’t talk about that…and Bob Lefsetz doesn’t know our format’s history. He has said the music industry doesn’t know to how to break acts? Last I looked we were doing fine in country music breaking acts without his sorry ass. Pick on Taylor next? Worked out fine for Kanye and will work out just as well for Dumbsetz and Channel 5. That’s my opinion, oughta be yours.”

Channel 5 News Video Clips
Scalpers, Wealthy Get Great Seats For Taylor Swift
False Hopes Fuel Keith Urban Ticket Frenzy

Channel 5’s two reports in print format can be read at these links.
Keith Urban

Taylor Swift



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