Testing Google Music Search

Figure 1

Figure 1

Google’s new music search plan makes finding and listening to music a breeze. To test the new system that is a partnership with MySpace and Lala for streaming, plus includes links to services such as Rhapsody, Pandora and imeem, I searched for “Need You Now,” a current hit from Lady Antebellum, and Billy Currington’s “People Are Crazy.”

Figure 2

Figure 2

“Need You…” appeared at the top of the search list (see figure 1). Clicking on the play button opens a small player (see figure 2). Active links to the song on partner sites are also shown. The system still has a few bugs, since when I clicked on the Rhapsody link looking for “Need You Now,” instead I was taken to a song of the same name performed by Ned Evett.

Regardless, as the system gets refined, it will make finding (and buying) music very simple for consumers, regardless of their technology expertise. This new system is also a win for the partners who get introduced to consumers and can quickly become familiar.

The best way to understand exactly what it does is to try it. Enter a song title, artist’s name, album title or actual song lyrics and see where it leads you.


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