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vballestrini-playlistVeronina Ballestrini’s latest single “Amazing” is currently making its mark on MusicRow’s CountryBreakout Chart and beyond. Veronica might not be the household name that our American Idol-era industry is capable of producing overnight—yet. But there’s no doubt that she is well on her way to mastering the art of our new media age and bringing a legion of fans with her in the process, as a recent story about her in the New York Times suggests.

“I spend about four hours a day answering messages from fans,” she reveals. “Every message I get, I answer myself.” It’s a formula that has paid big dividends for the surprisingly down-to-earth young star.

With one modest dream and an Internet connection, the teenager from Waterford, Connecticut has raised more than a few eyebrows with her self-made success story. The staggering numbers on her social network sites are proof that Veronica has that special ability to connect with people. On Myspace alone, that number totals more than 120,000 friends, 7.5 million page views and 11.5 million plays of her music. On country-lifestyle portal, Veronica is one of the most in-demand artists on the entire site.

“What Veronica has done without a label, without television and with virtually no press is absolutely astounding,” says Digital Rodeo Director of Marketing and Promotions John Pyne. “She is one of the most self-motivated artists I’ve ever seen and knows how to use the online tools at her disposal exceptionally well. It just so happens that she’s also a very talented young singer, and I personally think there’s no end to what she can accomplish.”

“It’s important that people know that I’m not trying to be anyone else,” adds Veronica. “I’m just trying to be who I am. I’m writing from the heart about issues and things I’m experiencing, and hopefully people can identify with that.”


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