[Updated] Beloved Engineer Joe Palmaccio Dies

Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer, Joe Palmaccio, died while recovering from a motorcycle accident […]

Ronnie Tutt, Drummer For Elvis Presley, Dies At 83

Ronnie Tutt, Elvis’ drummer and an original member of his TCB Band, passed away on Oct. 16, 2021. He […]

Bluegrass Musician Phil Leadbetter Dies At 59

Bluegrass musician and businessman Phil Leadbetter has died after contracting COVID-19. He was 59. Born […]

Engineer Ron “Snake” Reynolds Passes

Renowned studio engineer Ron “Snake” Reynolds has passed away on Oct. 5. He was 76. A Nashville native […]

Country-Rocker Commander Cody Passes

George Frayne, known to music lovers as Commander Cody, died Sunday (Sept. 26) at age 77. As the leader […]

“Sad Movies” Pop Star Sue Thompson Dies At Age 96

Sue Thompson, the western-swing singer who became a “teen” pop star of the 1960s, passed away on Sept. 23 […]

Nashville A-Team Musician Bob Moore Dies

Nashville A-Team bassist, Bob Moore, has died. He was 88. Throughout his more than 60-year career […]

The Last Maddox Brother, Don Maddox, Dies

Don Maddox, the last survivor of the legendary honky-tonk/rockabilly pioneering band The Maddox Brothers […]

Nashville Musician, Publisher & Producer Ron Cornelius Dies

Ron Cornelius, a Music Row session musician, publisher, and producer, passed away on Aug. 18 following […]

Music Executive Stan Moress Dies

Beloved music executive Stan Moress died Monday afternoon (Sept. 6). Although Moress’ cause of death […]