Cody Joe Hodges – Getting Back To Country

Cody Joe started playing music at an early age, but it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art. Impassioned by such country greats as George Strait, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Cody Joe wrote his first song, “Daddy’s Dream”, his freshman year in the dorms at Texas A&M University.
Not long after graduating from Texas A&M in 2006, Cody Joe took off to Nashville, where he was lucky enough to find a place to stay with the late, great Johnny Paycheck’s steel guitar player, Jay Andrews. After his stay in Nashville, he decided to move back to Texas and join the Army. While in the Army, he ended up singing with the group “Harmony in Motion,” a vocal ensemble based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, and began traveling across America playing for large entertainment venues. Upon discharge, his dad had a talk with him about a career in the power line business as a lineman. This sounded like something exciting and also a great opportunity to draw upon for songwriting, so he joined the energy field in 2010. At the same time, he started a band called “Cody Hodges & The Linemen”, they came out with their first album as a band in 2012. In the spring of 2013, he decided to focus on his music and see what plans God had for him. So far, it has been a blessing. Cody Joe was recently nominated as Rising Star for the 2014 Texas Music Awards. This past year, Cody Joe Hodges and his band moved on to Round 2 of the Shiner Rising Star Competition, and he was nominated as Male Country Vocalist of the Year for the International Music and Entertainment Association.
Cody Joe is a traditionalist in the sense that he loves the sound of traditional country; with a steel guitar, fiddle and good, old-fashioned story-telling songs, the way country music was when he was growing up. As a true Texan, he grew up idolizing George Strait and aspires to the lifelong career he has had in the music industry. He is also a huge fan of the true country and outlaw country greats such as: Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. Not only were/are they storytellers, but fantastic writers, artists and personalities.
Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country”, with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. Cody Joe’s voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. A Cody Joe Hodges live performance is one you will not forget. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time. With a steel guitar, fiddle, stand-up bass, guitar and drums, Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past. Be prepared to dance because his goal for every show is to fill the dance floor.
Cody Joe tries to put a positive message in every song. There is a lot of negative in this world, and when people listen to music, whether it is to escape or to be entertained, his goal is to put a grin on your face or a smile in your heart.
While Cody Joe and his band currently play a lot of bars and honky tonks, they love playing fairs, festivals and concerts where they can reach out to all ages and play for folks they wouldn’t normally reach in the bar and honky tonk scene.

Branch & Dean – "Greenlight"

We’ve all heard the verse in Ecclesiastes that tells us “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Few people understand the importance of timing better than new country duo Branch & Dean. Known for their explosive live show and a potent repertoire that includes the unflinchingly raucous anthem “Your Ol’ Lady’s Gone” and the poignant hit “The Dash,” Steve Branch and Dean Scallan have parlayed a lifelong friendship into an exciting creative adventure. “I grew up singing with Branch and I thought if you wanted to be a country singer, you had to be able to sound like the great Steve Branch,” says Dean.
Branch’s distinctive vocals anchor the duo’s breakthrough hit “The Dash,” a tribute to his 23-year-old son Theron who died after years battling Cystic Fibrosis. “The Dash” challenges listeners to make the most of every moment between the birth and death dates that will someday be listed on their headstones. “Life goes by so fast and our story’s defined by how we spend that dash,” Branch sings in the hauntingly beautiful ballad.
“We want to put out music that has meaning and this song has touched so many lives,” says Branch. “We’ve gotten so many letters. We got one just today from a 19-year-old Georgia girl named Allie who is living with Cystic Fibrosis. She said, ‘Your song truly spoke to me and made me think. It made me want to do more for myself in terms of treatment and trying to keep myself healthy. I’ll be seeing you guys at your next performance.’ When you get stuff like that it goes beyond music. It just means so much more because it lets me know that we’re doing the right thing.”
“We know how blessed we are to have a song that is such a gift,” Dean adds. “Music is intended to change lives. That’s what we set out to do and that’s what ‘The Dash’ is all about.”
Though the duo’s self-titled debut album definitely has songs of substance, Branch & Dean aren’t above throwing in some tunes specifically designed for some good old fashioned fun. Produced by Dean, Michael Huffman and Jeff Silvey, Branch & Dean’s debut album is an eclectic mix of rowdy up tempos and heartfelt ballads. “What I Do Best’ is a tender love song while “Buckle Bumpin” is a celebration of honky tonk fun. “Your Ol’ Lady’s Gone” is a particular fan favorite. “It’s a fun song because it’s got yodeling, a little hip hop and a little rock in it,” says Dean. “The song is about how there’s a place for hip hop. It’s fun. There’s a place for rock. It’s fun and we love it all, but also don’t forget about country because there is still a place for real country music.”
“The Forgetter” is a rowdy tune that finds a heartbroken country boy looking for a powerful drink to drown his sorrows. “Ink” paints a portrait of a defiant country girl sporting some interesting tattoos, including an ex-boyfriend’s name that her new man isn’t so happy about seeing every day. The duo close the album with “The Jesus in You,” a modern gospel classic penned by Huffman and Dean that speaks of forgiveness and love.
Though they can skillfully deliver any style, Branch and Dean are most at home making country music. It’s a common denominator from the early days in their hometown Macclenny, Florida. Dean’s mother heard Branch sing “Rose Colored Glasses” at a local talent contest and became a huge supporter, encouraging the young artist to pursue a career and helping him get started by booking him at local venues. “I knew very early that I wanted to do music and I always felt like there was a purpose for it,” says Branch. “As you get older, your eyes open and you see a little bit clearer. It’s all a part of the plan. It’s helping a lot of people and that’s what music is all about.”
Like Branch, Dean had been interested in pursuing a music career since childhood and when he made the move to Nashville, he initially focused on songwriting. His talent earned him the respect of some of Music Row’s top professionals and he began collaborating with some of country’s most acclaimed writers. One day when Dean was playing demos for producer Michael Huffman (who Branch and Dean affectionately call Huff Daddy), his interest was piqued when he heard Branch’s voice. “He said, ‘Who is that singing?’ and I said, ‘That’s Branch, we grew up singing together,’” Dean says. “I told him we’d been friends forever.”
Huffman was excited about the blend of their voices and encouraged the long time friends to record together. “It just happened,” says Dean. “We’ve always been a duo. We were Branch and Dean way before we were Branch & Dean, but Steve went and got his experience his way. I got mine my way and now we both have a lot to offer. It was meant to be. We compliment each other.”
Managed by industry veteran Erv Woolsey, (George Strait’s longtime manager), Branch & Dean have quickly earned the respect of both peers and fans, not only for their distinctive vocal blend and songwriting prowess, but especially for their high-energy live show. “There ain’t no telling what you’ll see in a live show,” Branch says with a big smile. “We have fun on stage and we try to make sure everybody out there is having fun. If it looks like somebody isn’t having fun, I might just come out there and sit by them.”
After years of music and friendship, Branch & Dean’s time has arrived and they are thankful for the opportunity to reach more people with their unique brand of high-octane country. “You never know how big the wave is going to be or how long it’s going to go, but right now we’re having a blast,” says Dean.
They are also using their platform to help make a difference. They have become spokesmen for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and are working to make a difference in the lives of brave people like Theron who battle the deadly disease. “We’ve been wanting to do the music thing forever, but when my son passed and this came about, it changed,” says Branch. “It’s not about being famous or being a big country music star. We don’t care about that. We’re doing what we love to do and when ‘The Dash’ came about, it all changed for us. It’s music with a purpose and there’s a difference.”

Johnny Orr Band – You Can't Hide Love

The Johnny Orr Band (JOB) is one of the most talked-about contemporary Country acts in the Southeast, and the excitement and musicality they bring to the stage comes through on their new EP, “Down South.” This Raleigh, NC-based band is led by singer/songwriter Johnny Orr, with rock-solid support from longtime cohorts Gino Latarulo on guitars and vocals, Jack Getz on bass and vocals, and Bill Eagen on drums.
In 2012 the band won the prestigious American Country Star talent competition in Nashville, starting a buzz that has opened the doors for the group to take its career to the next level.With Southern roots planted firmly in both Country and Rock, JOB’s sound is driven by Orr’s dynamic vocals and Latarulo’s surging, but sensitive, guitar thatbring out the best in Orr’s material. He writes and sings what he knows best: tunes about the everyday man and woman and their trials and triumphs. And it’s JOB’s commitment to the music and their audience that has gained them one of the most loyal followings in the Southeast.
They’ve shared the stage with Kenny Chesney, the Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town, Josh Gracin, Phil Vassar, Jason Michael Carroll, Cole Swindell and more. With the release of DOWN SOUTH, JOB joins the new generation of Country acts that is changing an entire industry, while maintaining the traditions and integrity of the genre’s giants of the past.

Macy Martin – Me With You

This new and refreshing Country Recording Artist is sure to turn heads and Hearts! Macy Martin is an uplifting personality with a refreshing pure presence embarking on Nashville’s music scene.
Her positive, wholesome messages embedded into her songwriting are delivered with an equally irresistible pure vocal quality leaving her listeners wanting more from this Native Texas Artist!  Macy is definitely not your typical 16 year old teenager! She remembers enjoying her musical talent as early as 6 years old entertaining for the Miss Texas/ Miss America Organization during their preliminary intermissions to Disney Classics.  At the age of 13 she began singing for her school the National Anthem and quickly began spreading her talent to other organizations seeking her to perform; The Special Olympics, Texas Children’s, Ronald Mc Donald House, among others.
Local venues began to ask her to perform at community events, festivals and fairs in the Texas area.  This lead to meeting other artists and members in the Texas Music Industry, opening other opportunities up for young Macy to perform on stage.  She rapidly advanced singing in her High School Senior Chorale Choir making all State Division One singing Italian Opera as a 1st Soprano.  Macy has a beautiful angelic, pure vocal quality possessing an unbelievable vibrato sure to mesmerize her listeners when she releases her unique ability , but don’t let that fool you as this 16 year old vocal talent has an amazing range to fit any genre’.  She has grown up on her parent’s Central Texas Ranch  “ The Triple M”.  Macy laughs and say’s Texas women can saddle a horse all day and in a short time transform into evening gowns, pearls and stilettos to attend a Texas-Size Gala and be as elegant as a Princess!
Macy’s has been singing in her Cowboy Church Band where she had to opportunity to utilize her faith and musical talent combined feeding her inspiration to pursue her Country Music Career and touch the hearts and lives of others.  Macy say’s that her heavenly father is the provider in all that she is and gifted by his will and she will never lose sight of him through her life’s journey. She says that it is his purpose for her music to touch the hearts and lives of all that hear her songs and the messages embedded within them in a positive, enlightening way.  Macy says undoubtedly it is by his will that she was able to cut her first original duet two volume album in Dallas, Texas!
A self published collection of 11 pure country songs of the late Bob Millsap and other song writers.  She also completed her other six song duet bluegrass and Celtic gospel release.  It was through this two volume collection that Kent Wells and Christine Winslow of Kent Wells Productions (Dolly Parton) and associates saw the raw talent and potential of this young artist.  Macy says that they are her Nashville Family and she is blessed beyond measure to not only have the opportunities presenting but to have such amazing individuals place trust, faith, belief and devotion in her… to grow her talent and potential into something beyond measure!   She is truly blessed and truly amazed!  With all of this in place and Macy’s impeccable work ethic and passion to reach out to her audience and serve through her music and with an incredible team of individuals there is nothing short of a success story unfolding!   Again she knows God’s hand is leading her path to his purpose.
Macy has released her Debut Ep Album currently to Nashville and Music Row with GTR and Kent Wells Productions .  Her single off the album “Me With You”  is fresh and sure to leave her listeners smiling.  Macy’s a breath of fresh air and sure to fill the hearts of many as they encounter and embrace her pure, uplifting and real personality and talent!  Macy recently while in Nashville has finished co-writing and recorded four new singles pair up with James Dean Hicks, Bill Di Luigi and Jordan Anderson due to release throughout 2014 under the production of Kent Wells and GTR. She is headed back working on 6 more new songs ( one she co- wrote while on her summer Music Row Radio Tour through the Mid-West with Bill Di Luigi. She is also discussing the Making of a Music Video soon. There is no dust settling under this young, rising Nashville Artist!   We know Nashville and America’s Country fans will love her and her music as much as we do!
Be sure to go to and follow her radio tour dates this summer and tab on Macy’s Toy Box to learn more about Macy’s charitable foundation and different ways how you can take part in assisting her to reach out and help children in need!

Brian Collins – Never Really Left

Hailing from the music hotbed of West Georgia, Brian Collins radiates a true southern soul. Humbled by his modest upbringing as the son of two truck-driving parents, Brian exudes passion and love in every corner of his career. The highly anticipated release of his album, “Healing Highway” is set for October with the lead-off single “Never Really Left” hitting radio airwaves in August.
Over the course of his career, Brian has worn many hats in the industry. Not only is he a top notch singer/songwriter and artist, but Brian has also been praised for his talents as a producer, engineer and graphic designer. Brian co-wrote every song on the new album and produced it alongside Mills Logan and Kenny Greenberg.
“I am very proud of this project,” said Brian. “We worked hard to write, record and produce material that captivates me as an artist and person… I think we nailed it.”
Inspiration for Brian’s songwriting comes from many different aspects of his life. In 1985, Brian’s younger sister, Karen Collins, passed away from Leukemia. Brian used his creative and artistic ability to heal the wounds of his family’s tragedy through a song he co-wrote with close friend and Zac Brown Band bass player, John Driskell Hopkins, titled “She Will Ride.” In January of 2013, Karen’s memory became an anthem to find a cure for cancer through the launch of the She Will Ride Foundation. The non-profit, founded by Brian and Blue Light Entertainment, aims at contributing financially to the determination of finding a cure for cancer and leukemia in this generation
Take a cross between Eli Young Band, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, and Marc Broussard—and you have a sound unlike any other—you have something unique. And uniqueness describes Brian in every sense of the word. His honest lyrics capture the heart of every listener while the soulful quality of his voice gives meaningful expression to songs that bend the lines between Country and soul.
Brian’s hard working nature and undeniable talent has led him to share the stage with KISS, Will Hoge, Sister Hazel, James Otto, Colin Hay (of Men At Work), Zac Brown Band, the Smithereens, Marshall Tucker Band, Georgia Satellites, Edwin McCain, Blackberry Smoke, Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. The depth of his songwriting and the magnitude of his perspective attest to Brian’s broad appeal and ever-growing fan base, which has led him to play over 150 dates a year.
A Brian Collins show offers a well-rounded, dynamic live performance that engulfs the senses and takes audiences on a notable journey. Most recently he had the privilege of playing on the Alabama & Friends Cruise and is on the bill for The Rock Boat 2015 cruise with Sister Hazel, The Bare Naked Ladies and Michael Franti & the Spearhead.
In 2005, Brian launched “Blue Light Studio” Not only did Brian make his vision of the company into a reality, but he also personally designed all of the recording rooms where he produced/engineered albums and tracks for hard rockers Skid Row, Tony Lucca, The Luchagores, Atlanta based rap artists T.I., Twista and Frank White, as well as acoustic rockers Nic Cowan and Tim O’Donovan. In 2013 Brian partnered with manager and music business developer Santos Vasquez and Belmont graduate Tommy Smith and formed the LLC “Blue Light Entertainment” a booking and publishing company. Since the launch, they have seen National fan recognition through touring and organized the BC Brigade (Brian’s Fan Club).

Kari & Billy – Are You Ready For The Weekend

If you wanted to sum up the Nashville based duo Kari & Billy in one word it could be, “thankful”. With a second single that just reached the Music Row Country Breakout Chart and making weekly appearances playing their original music for a brand new television series on the Outdoor Channel, this couple has a lot to be thankful for! However, it is not just their successes they find necessary to be appreciative of. For this husband and wife team their entire existence as a duo is a blessing! From an outside perspective, perhaps it is difficult to imagine how this vibrant couple who compliments each other so effortlessly, both on and off stage, managed to find each other. Coming from very different backgrounds and having grown up on separate ends of the country over 2,000 miles away from each other, their meeting in itself was highly unlikely, not to mention them forming a musical duo. If you were to ask either Kari or Billy, however, they would tell you it is no mystery to them. “We know God was entirely behind our coming together”, Kari & Billy agree, “Not only as a couple, but also as a duo!”
Billy was born at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL and was raised in the town of Mulberry. He spent the majority of his days in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing and trying to catch anything that would run from him. In contrast, Kari was born in a little town called Roseau in northern, MN, only 10 miles from the Canadian border! She had an early fascination with the arts and participated in dance, community plays, speech competitions and musical programs with her family. At the age of 7 she began taking violin lessons. “I took lessons at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music in Winnipeg, Canada”, Kari recalls, “And boy, am I blessed to have a mother who loves me and believes in me because she drove me to lessons, 5 hours round trip, usually in a blizzard!” She may have studied classical violin at a music conservatory but Kari’s first love was always country music. In high school she found an outlet for that love when she joined a local band who played on weekends in the surrounding area of her small town.
It was a little later in life that Billy started pursuing his love of music. Before the age of 22 he never would have imagined he would ever sing in front of a crowd but after much encouragement from a close friend who happened to overhear him singing, Billy decided to try it out in a singing competition. Shortly after this he was asked to hit the road with a band as their lead singer. He taught himself to play guitar and harmonica and just like that, his musical journey began!
Kari & Billy may have entered the uncharted waters of the music business at different times and in very different ways, but the Lord’s hand was at work when they both happened to make the big move to Nashville around the same time in hopes of furthering their careers. Before forming as a duo, Kari & Billy experienced some personal success with their music. Kari played fiddle and mandolin for and toured with many artists including John Rich/ Big $ Rich, Steel Magnolias, Trace Adkins and Gretchen Wilson. She performed with John Rich on live national television for the finale of Celebrity Apprentice and was in a music video filmed for College Game Day on ESPN with Big $ Rich. Billy recorded his own album of all self-written, self-produced original songs with award winning Nashville musicians and as an independent artist released a single and music video which received well over a million views on YouTube.
Upon meeting, it was easy to see that the pair shared a similar perspective and outlook on life and after getting the opportunity to play a few gigs together, they realized the similarities didn’t stop there! Billy felt that Kari’s fiddle playing and harmony vocals completed his sound so well that soon he didn’t want to play a show without her! “Our meeting was reminiscent of the movie Pretty Woman”, Billy states with a twinkle in his eye, “Well maybe I wasn’t a rich guy and Kari wasn’t a call girl…but she IS a pretty woman, so you can see how the basic idea is the same!” A witty sense of humor is another thing this new husband and wife duo shares and they know to use it on stage. They playfully joke back and forth and occasionally poke a little fun. “Most importantly we like to have fun on-stage!”, Kari laughs. “We don’t have on-stage personas, we’re just ourselves and try to connect with our audience on a personal level, no matter if we are playing to a crowd of 20 or 20,000!” People who had seen the two each play separately say there is just “something truly special” about them together. Since their first gig as an official duo, Kari & Billy have recorded a full length album of 16 original songs as well as an EP of 6 additional songs which Billy wrote and the couple produced together. They have played some of the biggest state fairs and festivals in the country, from Florida to Alaska and Wyoming to Connecticut. The duo recently wrote and produced all the music for the Drury Outdoors television series Thirteen sponsored by Under Amour on the Outdoor Channel.
It is safe to say that a common love for music is what initially brought Kari & Billy together, but what makes them blend so seamlessly? Anyone who has been to a Kari & Billy concert could tell you it is obvious the duo respects each other, not only as artists and musicians but as individuals. Kari & Billy have a sound that can only come from a deep appreciation and love for one another…AND many hours of driving up and down the road traveling to gigs singing their favorite songs a cappella!
“This crazy business has its peaks and valleys but what a blessing it is that we get to experience all of it together! We have set out to create music that will make people smile, think, cry or even just dance! Every time we get onstage we focus on providing a little something for everyone, from high energy fiddle songs that will get you on your feet and meaningful lyrics that will touch your heart. Most importantly, though, we want people to leave our shows knowing how thankful we are that we had the opportunity to sing our music together for them!” That, is what Kari & Billy are all about.

Garth, Kenny Duet With Larry Cordle On New Bluegrass CD


Larry Cordle

“Murder On Music Row” songwriter Larry Cordle has teamed up with some of the artists who’ve recorded his songs over the past decade for a new duet project chock full of those same songs, reimagined and retooled with a bluegrass or acoustic twist. The Cord Files: All-Star Duets should live up to its name with artists like Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Chesney, and Dierks Bentley on the album. The project is due out Oct. 8 on Cordle’s label, MightyCord Records.
The project started nearly 10 years ago at Signal Path Studios as artists’ schedules would allow, with editing and mixing being done by Randy Kohrs, who also contributed resonator and backing vocals. Alison Krauss & Union Station members Jerry Douglas and Ron Block, along with renowned songwriter/musician Carl Jackson also played on the sessions. Krauss, Terri Clark, Del McCoury, Diamond Rio, Ricky SkaggsTravis Tritt, Kathy Mattea, Daryle Singletary, and Kevin Denney all appear on the star-studded, bluegrass extravaganza.
Rather than trying to choose a single out of the talent-heavy collection, the entire album will be released to radio via Airplay Direct prior to the official drop date. “Lonesome Dove” (Yearwood), “Two Highways” (Krauss), “You Can’t Take It With You When You Go” (Bentley), and “Against the Grain” (Brooks), are just a few of the songs fans can look forward to hearing on the new collection. Cordle’s hit, “Murder on Music Row” also appears on the new CD with a new interpretation by Singletary and Denney.
“I feel like I must have done something right in life that I could call on these larger than life, great artists and wonderful people to help me out with a dream,” Cordle states. “It is simply unbelievable to me that it is this close to becoming reality. I will never be able to repay these folks for doing this for me.”

James Robert Webb – Party In The Barn

James Robert Webb is heads and shoulders above other country artists, and that isn’t just figurative either! At 6 foot 5 inches tall, the phrase holds true literally as well.
With all that height, one would have expected Webb to be pursuing some sort of athletic career, but music had a greater calling on his life. Growing up in rural Oklahoma in a small town called Kellyville, Webb quickly started experimenting with music. At 7, he began to teach himself how to play piano. In his teens, he added guitar to his instrumental repertoire. He learned both instruments by ear, giving him the skills necessary to excel at jazz music later on, becoming an Oklahoma All-State Jazz pianist in high school. He also applied his ear training to other improvisational genres such as Western swing.
In 2010, Webb began to pursue songwriting. Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, including Garth Brooks, The Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Miranda Lambert, Vince Gill and more, Webb’s music gives a modern take on traditional country. He blends the best of the music genres to create a unique country flavor.
“I listen to virtually every kind of music there is, but when it comes to country music, I am mostly moved by the traditional country music and honky tonk, as well as the vocal stylists. Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill—these are the kinds of artists that I relate to the most. In my personal opinion, that’s what’s missing from country radio today—country music. Namely, fiddle and steel.”
To stay up to date with all things James Robert Webb, like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @JamesRobertWebb. You can order Born This Day at or download it on iTunes.

Tim McGraw's ACM Special Popular Second Time Around

Tim McGraw will present at the upcoming CMA Awards.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw’s ACM TV special, ACM Presents: Tim McGraw’s Superstar Summer Night, reached a combined 11 million people during its two airings in May and July. The show’s initial broadcast on CBS reached more than 6.5 million viewers, and its re-airing July 26 was first in households, (2.9/06) reaching 4.3 million people.
The star-studded show was taped the day after this spring’s ACM Awards in Las Vegas and featured appearances by Tim’s wife Faith HillTaylor SwiftKeith UrbanJason Aldean, The Band Perry, Ne-YoPitbull, and John Fogerty, among others. The special featured McGraw collaborating with Ne-Yo on “She Is,” while he joined Pitbull on “Felt Good on My Lips” and Swift and Urban on his recent No. 1  “Highway Don’t Care,” (which is his 34th chart-topper.) McGraw also joined Fogerty, Aldean, Urban and Luke Bryan for an amped-up version of Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s “Born on the Bayou”during the show.
Academy of Country Music programming reached more than 27 million viewers this year between their 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards telecast on April 7 and McGraw’s Superstar special.

Mavericks To Rock Marconi Awards in Orlando

The Mavericks. Photo: Mark Tucker

The Mavericks. Photo: Mark Tucker

The Mavericks have been tapped to perform at the 2013 National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Radio Awards Dinner next month at the 2013 Radio Show convention. The Sept. 19 event is sponsored by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando.
“The Mavericks’ infectious energy, passion and chemistry on stage will make this year’s NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner an unforgettable evening,” said NAB Executive Vice President of Radio John David. “These guys are great entertainers excited to join Radio to salute the Marconi nominees and winners. Our thanks to Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Label Group in Nashville for helping to make this happen.”
Established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the NAB Marconi Radio Awards are given to radio stations and outstanding on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio.