Entries by Robert K Oermann

DISClaimer (8/21/09)

We live in an era of singles and tracks, but there are still a few out there who buck the trend. It pleases me to report that there are several folks in this week’s stack of platters who still make true ALBUMS. There is an art to this that many mainstream country artists seem to […]

DISClaimer (8/14/09)

It is independents’ day. We are in what are known as the dog days of summer, when major-label releases slow to a trickle in anticipation of the big fall product push. What better time for the indies to scurry about and make some noise? As is generally the case in surveying indie singles, the quality […]

DISClaimer (8/7/09)

This stack of platters is a nice mix of veterans and baby acts. In the former column are Marty Raybon and Brady Seals, both of whom have splendid CD’s coming your way. Somewhere in between vet and baby are Trey Hensley, The Coal Men, Emma Jacob, Mica Roberts and Lee Brice, all of whom competed […]

Bluegrass DISClaimer (10/2/09)

The best part of the bluegrass-music week starts today. Up until now it has been mostly panel discussions, showcases, a trade show and last night’s awards gala. Today begins the Bluegrass Fan Fest part of the IBMA’s convention. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you get nothing but music, music, music on the lower level of […]

Updated: Lifenotes: Rick Schulman

Entertainer Rick Schulman Finney died suddenly Tuesday morning, September 29, at his home in Nashville at age 63. During his colorful career as Rick Schulman, he was a songwriter, studio sideman, advertising pitch man, movie actor and Nashville nightclub star. He was the co-writer of the hit 1980 George Jones and Johnny Paycheck duet “When […]

DISClaimer 7/31/09

They didn’t win any of the big prizes, but two of our mid-level acts have some of the tastiest tunes this week. Give an ear to the hilarious lyrics in Heartland’s “Mustache.” This thing is so wonderfully different that it could really perk up a radio station’s playlist. Also a writer’s delight is “Gypsy Boots,” […]

DISClaimer (7/24/09)

I am happy to report that our two big winners today are also the most “country” sounding discs. Oh, there are some super-fine vocalists in this stack of platters, including Daniel Smith, Bekka Bramlett and Craig Reynolds. And songwriters don’t come any better than Vince Melamed. But at the end of the day, the best […]

DISClaimer (7/10/09)

Good luck picking your playlist out of this stack of excellence. All 10 of these records deserve to be heard. On top of that, four of them are from bona fide format superstars—Keith Urban, Sugarland, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw—while two more are by consistent airplay favorites—Jason Michael Carroll and the Zac Brown Band. Toss […]

DISClaimer (7/17/09)

Can I get a witness? Things were going along in a routine way during this listening session until I was stopped dead in my tracks and struck with profound awe. The record that did it was the churning, inspirational “Somebody Like Me” by Jason Crabb. Stop what you are doing right now to seek it […]

DISClaimer (6/26/09)

The stars are blindingly bright this week. If you’re looking for a gorgeous ballad, George Strait is your man. In the mood for a joyous rocker? Give a listen to Sara Evans. For a jolt of vocal passion, check out Jamie O’Neal. Do you wish to bask in heavenly harmonies? I hereby direct your attention […]