DISClaimer: Newcomers Chad Richard, CB30, Dani-Elle Offer Fresh Tracks

Today is a day for new beginnings.

More than half of the hopefuls in this edition of DISClaimer are first-timers in the column. So we’re handing out multiple DISCovery Awards.

The male winner hails from Austin, Texas, where grit and honesty still matter. Chad Richard sounds as comfy as a pair of faded jeans. Our female DISCovery is another singer-songwriter with hit potential, Dani-Elle. The duo/group prize goes to the shiny, buoyant stylists of CB30.

As for the Disc of the Day, that would belong to Sturgill Simpson. You’ll recall that his Sailor’s Guide to Earth won the 2017 Grammy as Country Album of the Year. By the sound of things, he’s back on another winning streak.

Writers: Zach Stone/Will Stone/Casey Cattle; Producer: Matt Billingslea; Publishers: none listed; ZSC
– Catchy song. Radio ready. His singing voice isn’t particularly distinctive, but he gets the job done. The electric guitarist gets way too busy in the finale.

Writers: none listed; Producers: none listed; Publishers: none listed; Elektra
– Beautiful in every way. His hard-country baritone vocal is as warm as a fireside. The steel-saturated track glows like antique jewelry. This Grammy winner’s authenticity is just what country music lacks right now. The song is the title tune to a new zombie comedy film featuring Bill Murray, Selena Gomez and Adam Driver. Get on board now.

Writers: Brinn Black/Briana Tyson/Brittney Kennell; Producer: Nolan Neal Seals; Publsihers: Floor Six/Breelo, BMI/SOCAN
– Plaintive and yearning in the verses. Triumphant in the choruses. Very promising. Send more.

TANYA TUCKER/The Wheels of Laredo
Writers: Brandi Carlile/Tim Hanseroth/Phil Hanseroth; Producers: Brandi Carlile/Shooter Jennings; Publishers: none listed; Fantasy
– Country-music perfection. This legendary voice is like no other. The Southwestern imagery and rolling melody of the song have a classic sound. Can’t wait for the album.

DANI-ELLE/Head For Home
Writers: Dani-elle/Marie Kieha; Producer: Chip Martin; Publishers: none listed; DKE
– She sings with authority and assurance. The stately ballad plods a little, but the force in her performance and the strength of the lyric’s message keep you hanging on.

Writers: none listed; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; Monument
– It’s more of a groove than an actual melody. Warmly romantic, hip-hop flavored and blandly pleasing.

CHAD RICHARD/Slow Rollin’ State Line
Writer: Chad Richard; Producers: Walt Wilkins/Ron Rlynt; Publisher: Barn Noise, BMI
– Kinda loping and hillbilly funky. He has a cool, weathered, soulful, drawling singing style. The track lays back in a rhythmic pocket featuring a wandering fiddle and a lazy guitar. Very well done.

CHASE RICE/Lonely If You Are
Writers: Chase Rice/Lindsay Rimes/Hunter Phelps; Producer: Chris DeStefano; Publishers: none listed; BBR
– All the guitar noodling, finger snapping and drum thump in the world can’t save this limp, tuneless, dull snooze of single.

Writers: Bailey Calahan/Jared Anderson/Ryan Robinette; Producer: Robbie Artress; Publishers: none listed; Pink Mustang
– The just-folks message and her country-girl delivery match perfectly. The track bounces right along with her.

CB30/That Moment When
Writers: Christian Clement/Matt McVaney/Kevin Bard/Jacob Davis; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; Buena Vista
– Brothers Christian and Brody (hence the “CB”) Clementi have a very appealing, youthful sound. Their harmony blend is exquisite, and the swirly, pop-ish production gives the whole outing a sweet, dreamy quality. They also look like Disney teen heartthrobs.


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