Crosshair Music Launches Monthly Program To Publicly Identify Influencer-Collaborators

Nashville-based Crosshair Music has launched Crosshair Elite, a monthly program with 15 associated publications, including Indie Pulse. The program selects the top 20 influencers to highlight from Crosshair’s back-end analytic system that are helping artists from all genres, including country, gain the attention from global Spotify-sponsored playlists. The feature is a reward perk, thanking the influencers for their involvement in providing feedback to undiscovered music.

The initiative is designed to bring awareness for Crosshair and its ability to drive music consumption with its proprietary back-end, identifying independent music influencers and their playlists. The digital influencers described in Crosshair’s inaugural list are noted as having driven hundreds of thousands of streams and engagements for artists this year. They are regularly the first playlists and channels to get an artist’s song over 1,000 plays as well as get them on the radar of the editors at Spotify. They are the first movers and partners to independent music. For example, in the case of Prohaize, an independent rapper in Atlanta, our Elite influencers drove enough engagement to drive his song “Next Time” onto Spotify’s Spotify And Chill playlist.

“Our Crosshair Elite program was designed to help communities like the music industry understand how impactful social influencers, beyond just playlists, are for independent artists,” said Crosshair CEO Garrison Snell. “I wanted to partner with publications to publish part of Crosshair’s analytics to raise awareness for these influencers. They are the first people to take a chance on an undiscovered artist and are not to be underestimated.”

At the end of each month, the 20 influencers will be re-evaluated based on criteria including timeliness of reviewing campaigns, responding to artist messages. Any influencer has the potential to become an Elite Influencer.

Crosshair Music is located in Nashville’s Gulch Crossing building. It’s aim is to affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers who can help grow their audiences. Crosshair influencers are leading tastemakers on Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Artists can submit their music to Crosshair for a small fee, have their music reviewed, and get in contact with the best influencers who are actively looking for music to promote.

Two of the top country music influencers who were identified as driving discovery on Spotify, as noted by Crosshair for November 2017, are:

Adam Denney’s Public Spotify Playlist
-2017 Country Music

Ashley Bowsher’s Public Spotify Playlist
-Pop & Country


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