Jake Owen Celebrates Sixth No. 1 Single With ‘American Country Love Song’

Pictured (L-R): Ashley Gorley, Jake Owen, Jaren Johnston and Ross Copperman celebrate their No. 1 hit “American Country Love Song.” Photo: Steve Lowry

Exactly one year after topping the charts, Music Row, friends and family assembled at The Sutler Saloon in Nashville on Tuesday (Sept. 5) to celebrate Jake Owen’s sixth No. 1 single “American Country Love Song.”

Written by BMI’s Ross Copperman and ASCAP’s Ashley Gorley and Jaren Johnston, the close friends—who cumulatively boast over 50 No. 1 hits—shared many laughs as they rejoiced in their second shared chart-topping hit.

BMI’s David Preston hosted the crowd and congratulated Copperman on his 16th No. 1 country song. ASCAP’s Evyn Mustoe thanked their partner, First Tennessee Bank, and spoke on behalf of writers Gorley and Johnston, who is also her husband.

Rezonant Music’s Copperman was up first and recognized his fellow writers and Owen for recording the song.

“Everybody asks when you’re at these things, do you take these for granted after a while. And I always hear Ashley say it, and Jaren, and everyone, that having a No. 1 song is like winning the Super Bowl every time. It’s so special to be here,” Copperman remarked. “When Jake sings a song it comes to life in a whole new way. I just feel lucky that I got to work with him on this track. He sang it in my basement with me and now we hear it on the radio. I’m honored to be here with you guys.”

Up next, four-time ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Gorley celebrated his 34th No. 1 hit as a writer and 12th No. 1 as a publisher with his company Tape Room Music.

“This was a blast to write this song,” said Gorley. “This is one of the best cuts I’ve heard that I’ve had. So I want to thank Ross and Shane [McAnally] and Jake for making an amazing record on this one.”

The Cadillac Three’s Johnston celebrated his second No. 1 recorded by Owen, after penning 2014’s “Beachin.”

“Jake, buddy, your delivery on this whole thing is great. You made it a hit and you bought me a house and made a wonderful life for me and my wife and our new kid and I really appreciate that,” Johnston praised.

On writing with Copperman and Gorley, Johnston remarked, “It’s pure excitement and it’s pure creative bliss. It’s pure flexing those muscles that you don’t get to do with most other co-writers in this town. It’s always a joy and I really appreciate you guys writing with me. Let’s do it again!”

Pictured (L-R): Sony/ATV’s Josh Van Valkenburg, Rezonant’s Tim Wipperman, ASCAP’s Evyn Mustoe, Jaren Johnston, Good Company Entertainment’s Keith Gale, Jake Owen, BMI’s David Preston, Ashley Gorley, Combustion’s Chris Van Belkom, Ross Copperman and Warner Chappell’s Ryan Beuschel. Photo: Steve Lowry [Click photo to enlarge]

Presenters on stage included Rezonant Music’s Tim Wipperman and Cumulus Radio/CRB’s John Shomby.

“A hit song has staying power. I hear this song three times a day at least on our stations. It continues. It is probably one of the biggest on the radio still and that tells you something about the type of song that Jake sings and that these guys write. Congratulations on behalf of all the country radio broadcasters and thanks for keeping our radio stations alive with a good tune,” said Shomby.

Owen wrapped up the celebration by thanking the writers, publishers, country radio and his team for their continued support. “I first say thanks to these three guys for writing a song that’s not just a hit song but a career song, there’s a difference. This is something that for my career is a major player and I’m thankful for guys like the three of them.

“Thanks to so many songwriters in this town that graciously give their songs to artists like myself. I like to consider myself a songwriter but I’m also not dumb enough to just not record songs that aren’t mine that are great like these, that these guys are writing,” said a humble Owen.

“To sum it all up, thirteen years ago I moved to Nashville and my entire life has changed and it’s been for the best. I’m super thankful to every single one of you guys that have been a part of my life and my career and I look forward to many more years of doing this and calling this a job.”


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