DISClaimer: Ladies Rule The Day

Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan

For the first time in ages, female voices outnumber the males in DISClaimer. And what voices they are. From the chill bump-raising soprano of Dianna Corcoran to the rock wail of Donna Herrick, these are ladies to reckon with.

Fittingly, the Disc of the Day goes to a woman. That would be Grand Ole Opry diva Lorrie Morgan, who is singing as splendidly as ever.

The DisCovery Award is also won by the fairer sex. Alyssa Micaela turns in a performance on “Getaway Car” that’s as exciting and promising as her songwriting. She’s being mentored by another fabulous female, songwriter/producer Liz Rose.

DIANNA CORCORAN/Thank You For Cheating On Me
Writers: Dianna Corcoran/Rebecca Lynn Howard/Rachel Thibodeau; Producer: Dianna Corcoran; Publishers: Tenyor/Castle Street/High Tunes, BMI/ASCAP; Krian (track)
-Corcoran’s second single from her latest project kicks tail. The track rocks, and she sings the spitfire lyric with piercing power. Hang on for the sky-high soprano finale. This gal has what it takes.

Diana Corcoran

Dianna Corcoran

Writers: Chad Cooke/Brandon Pierson; Producer: none listed; Publisher: none listed; BMI
– Moody and atmospheric. His plain-spoken delivery lets the working-man lyric carry the load. The deep-twang guitar adds to the spaghetti-western ambiance.

Writers: Koehler/Norris/Deaton; Producer: David Norris; Publishers: Bailey James/Norrisong/Lalapopland, ASCAP; BJ (track)
-It is exactly what the title says it is. Plus, she yodels a bit. Very “old school.”

Writer: Brad Roberson; Producer: The Whiskey Prophets; Publisher: none listed, BMI; TWP
– A honky-tonk stomper with a backbeat. There’s not much production here, but the sheer energy is infectious. Also, I dug the guitar solo.

Writers: Donna Herrick/Kerry Herrick/Jefferson Rogers/Jeffrey Bradshaw; Producers: Donna Herrick, Kerry Herrick & David Walker; Publisher: Herrick KDK, BMI; Breakaway;
– Those aren’t actually composer credits. This is the band’s wailing, rocking arrangement of a folk standard. Donna growls, snarls and shouts her way through it while the group thrashes and bangs. Rock on, children.

Alyssa Micaela

Alyssa Micaela

Writers: Alyssa Micaela/Derrick Southerland/Jesse Walker; Producers: Keith Follese & Liz Rose; Publisher: none listed; Liz Rose
– She has a very appealing, conversational vocal tone. The thumping production is tasty, too. The song tells of a lady who has no intention of settling down with anybody. In fact, she can’t wait to get away from the wedding she’s attending. This is one very cool little single.

LORRIE MORGAN/Hopelessly Yours
Writers: C. Putnam/D. Cook/K. Whitley; Producer: none listed; Publishers: Sony-ATV Cross Keys/Sony-ATV Tree, ASCAP/BMI; Goldenlane (track)
– This beautiful country waltz was co-written by the late Keith Whitley, who left Lorrie a widow back in 1989. Is she believable delivering this aching lyric? What do you think? The new album, A Picture of Me, consists of re-workings of eight of her big hits, combined with eight new songs, including this set-closing gem. Throughout the collection, she reminds us that she is as lustrous and soulful a singer as this genre has.

ALEXANDRA DEMETREE/You Still Think I’m Beautiful
Writers: Phil Barton/Suzie McNeil/Victoria Shaw; Producer: Bobby Huff; Publishers: Horipro/Green Eyed Dragon/Victoria Shaw, BMI/SOCAN/SESAC; SSM (CDX)
– Electronic burbles and blips in the production frame an accomplished, range-y vocal performance. The song is superbly written. If she doesn’t have a hit with it, somebody sure should.

Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson

AARON WATSON/Bluebonnets
Writer: Aaron Watson; Producers: Aaron Watson/Keith Stegall; Publishers: Tunes From HTK, BMI; Big Label/Thirty Tigers
– This Texas road warrior continues to impress. This time around, he’s offering a tender ballad about how fleeting life is. “Like bluebonnets in the spring/We’re only here for a little while/It’s beautiful and bittersweet/So make the most of every mile.” A true anthem. Play it.

KEITH WALKER/Friends With Boats
Writers: Keith Walker/Rich Karg/Dustin James; Producer: Chris Wright; Publishers: none listed, ASCAP/SESAC; KW (CDX)
– Relaxing and mellow. He might be broke, but life is good. Because he has friends with water craft. Would it surprise you to learn that he name-checks Chesney in the lyric?


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