No.1 Challenge Coin (2015)

Over the years, challenge coins have marked significant occasions and commemorated outstanding individuals. Continuing this tradition, MusicRow distributes its No. 1 Challenge Coin to the artists and songwriters who have achieved a No. 1 hit on the CountryBreakout Chart. This page will mark each coin’s distribution. Check other songs working their way up this week’s CountryBreakout Chart.


December 17, 2015- “I Love This Life

Artist: LoCash

Songwriters: Danny Myrick, Chris Janson, Chris Lucas, Preston Brust

Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Red Vinyl Music, Inc., Round Hill Works

coinbulletCoin 360–  “I Love This Life ” – Preston Brust

coinbulletCoin 359– “I Love This Life ” – Chris Lucas

coinbulletCoin 358– “I Love This Life ” – Danny Myrick

coinbulletCoin 357–  “I Love This Life ” – Chris Janson

December 10, 2015- “Dibs

Artist: Kelsea Ballerini

Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini, Josh Kerr, Ryan Griffin, Jason Duke

Publishers: Songs Of Black River, KNB Music, DHM Administration, Nyssa Music, Jason Duke Music

coinbulletCoin 356–  “Dibs” – Kelsea Ballerini

coinbulletCoin 355– “Dibs” – Josh Kerr

coinbulletCoin 354– “Dibs” – Ryan Griffin

coinbulletCoin 353–  “Dibs” – Jason Duke

December 3, 2015- “Die A Happy Man

Artist: Thomas Rhett

Songwriters: Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur

Publishers:EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Cricket On The Line, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Eastman Pond Publishing, Music Of Big Deal, Nice Life, Frederic And Reid Music, BMG Platinum Songs

coinbulletCoin 352– “Die A Happy Man ” – Thomas Rhett

coinbulletCoin 351– “Die A Happy Man ” – Sean Douglas

coinbulletCoin 350–  “Die A Happy Man ” – Joe Spargur


November 25, 2015- “Country Nation

Artist: Brad Paisley

Songwriters: Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace

Publishers: House Of Sea Gayle Music, Making The Turn Music

coinbulletCoin 349– “Country Nation” – Brad Paisley

coinbulletCoin 348– “Country Nation” – Chris DuBois

coinbulletCoin 347–  “Country Nation” – Kelley Lovelace

November 19, 2015- “Gonna Know We Were Here”

Artist: Jason Aldean

Songwriters: Brett Beavers, Brett James

Publishers: BMG Platinum Songs, Music Of Big Deal, Stalefish Music, BMG Chrysalis Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, External Combustion Music

coinbulletCoin 346– “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Jason Aldean

coinbulletCoin 345– “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Brett James

coinbulletCoin 344–  “Gonna Know We Were Here ” – Brett Beavers

November 12, 2015- “Gonna”

Artist: Blake Shelton

Songwriters: Luke Laird, Criag Wiseman

Publishers: Songs Of Universal, Inc., Creative Nation Music, Twangin And Slangin Songs, Big Loud Shirt Industries

coinbulletCoin 343– “Gonna” – Blake Shelton