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Guerrilla Music Marketing Online author Bob Baker offers some informative advice on how to best communicate with fans across social networking platforms on the, music think tank blog.

Baker notes that like songwriting, there is also a craft to using language with respect to “point of view.” When an artist is describing their music they should be aware of using first person, second person and third person to best effect.

First Person is when you write about yourself: I just wrote a new song,” says Baker. “Second Person is when you speak directly to the reader: You will really enjoy this new song,” and “Third Person speaks from a more distant, observer viewpoint: Suzy just wrote a new song.”

When an artist describes his or her own music Baker suggests second person, “You will be swept away,” as opposed to third person, “The listener will be swept away.” For artist bios and quoting press stories he suggests third person point of view, “According to the the Salt Lake Tribune….,” as opposed to first person which would be awkward, “I am one of the most widely recognized experts…”

Use first person sparingly, especially for telling personal stories. To read it all click here…


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