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>> is an online Boston-based digital marketplace for pre-owned music sales in the U.S. The beta version of the site opened last week and is designed to establish a resale value for digital music. Consumers can legally buy and sell used digital music direct from one fan to another, while “granting artists and labels a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale (and resale) of their music.” ReDigi CEO CEO John Ossenmacher says, “ReDigi gives users the new freedom to take full advantage of the ownership rights of their music. It also provides artists and labels another revenue stream so they can keep producing the tunes we love so much.” Pre-launch, the new company amassed a following of over 130,000 social network fans.


>>New Broadband adoption data has been released from Connected Tennesse, a public-private, non-profit partnership with goals to accelerate technology in Tennessee. Tennessee’s Technology Trends 2011 is the group’s latest report which says that 64% of all TN adults have broadband service at home. Today, 50% of low-income families with children (those with incomes below $25,000) subscribe to broadband, up from just 17% in 2007 – an astonishing growth of 194%. Meanwhile, 55% of rural residents now have broadband at home, compared to just 30% in 2007, growth of 83%. Over the past three years, Connected Tennessee has specifically targeted both groups through its Computers 4 Kids program and eCommunity leadership teams (eCS). “It is gratifying to know that our hard work over the past three years has made a real impact on Tennessee’s broadband landscape,” says Connected Tennessee Executive Director Michael Ramage. “More Tennesseans than ever before are now able to access all of the benefits afforded by a high-speed Internet connection. What we set out to do was to help better the lives of those citizens who were virtually cut off from the information highway, due to either geography or income levels, and we feel that these statistics prove that we have been able to accomplish that formidable task.” Read the complete findings here.


>>Enjoying Google+? Then this new [free] Chrome browser extension might be just what the doctor ordered to boost your G+ followers and add you to circles all over the Internet. The extension was created by programmer Joshua Woodward using data from Google+ Statistics a site which tracks and generates detailed stats for over 76,309 users. Woodward describes it simply saying, “View a profiles infograph, all without leaving the comfort of Google+.” (My profile here.)





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