Movie Pass Gives Subscribers Big Screen Experience

Movie Pass may soon revolutionize the cinema industry with its new subscription model for lovers of the silver screen. The new service which the Wall Street Journal reports will soon enter a testing phase, allows consumers to view an unlimited number of films per month at participating movie screens for a flat monthly fee. Exact fees have not yet been disclosed. Not unexpectedly, some theater owners are voicing concerns that the subscription model may hurt their pocketbooks. In fact, AP reports that Movie Pass attempted to begin testing its idea last July with a $50 price tag, but screen owners stopped it.

Movie Pass believes it has a new way to make everyone happy by partnering with Hollywood Movie Money, a company that offers customers promotional tickets and then redeems them from theater owners. Under the new plan, owners will receive the full price of a regular ticket when one of its passes gets redeemed. Hollywood Movie Money is owned by Quantum Loyalty Solutions, Inc.

Quantum Chief Executive Ron Randolph told the Wall Street Journal, the service would encourage movie going without any additional costs to studios or theaters, since everyone gets paid, “full freight.”

The Movie Pass web site says, “Love going to the movies? Get ready for a service that will change your movie going experience forever!” Consumers can sign up on the site to receive a tester invitation.

Analysis: Content in the digital age, including music and now movies can be acquired essentially in three ways—own, subscription, or free. Movie Pass adds a new lane to the subscription traffic which already includes streaming/physical alternatives like Netflix and cable. What’s novel about Movie Pass is that it incorporates the live in-theater, big screen experience.



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