750 Heat Sufferers • Jones House For Sale • Facebook Growth Slowing?

>>>The Tennessean reports that 750 people were treated for the heat at this year’s CMA MusicFest, according to a spokesperson from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. At last year’s festival 400 were treated. The record breaking heat wave that accompanied MusicFest this year was named as the obvious cause for the huge increase.

>>>George Jones’ home is officially on the market for sale reports Nashville Post. The 9,700 sq. ft. property sits on 78 acres and includes four bedrooms, six full bathrooms, stables and lots more. You can see photos here, or check out the real estate website. Asking price is $15 million.

>>>According to various news reports sources are claiming that Facebook traffic in the U.S. has started to fall off and stopped growing. For the inside story we suggest reading this post on Inside Facebook by Eric Eldon. Loaded with graphs and details, Eldon concludes, “There do appear to be some overriding trends here. Canada, the United Kingdom and a few other early adopting countries have alternately shown gains and losses starting in 2010. Up until then, growth had generally been much steadier. There’s an especially odd mix of data about the US. Most third parties showed Facebook with fewer monthly active users in January and February, but Facebook’s own data didn’t reflect that. Meanwhile, for May, the only third party to report numbers so far is showing growth, in contrast to the loss that Facebook is showing.”


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