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Kip Moore

Today, good things come in threes. Amid a sea of mediocrity, three discs stand tall as potential winners. They belong to Steve Wariner, Chase Rice and the winner of our Disc of the Day, the esteemed Kip Moore. There are three newcomers who show promise, too. They are Ronnie Fauss, bluegrassers Feller & Hill and our DisCovery Award winner, Anthony Orio.

MIKE BECK/Work Together
Writer: Wilbert Harrison; Producer: Mike Beck; Publisher: EMI; BMI; MB (track)
-This 1959 Wilbert Harrison r&b classic has been revived by Canned Heat, John Mayall and Bryan Ferry, among others. Beck takes it out for a country spin, sticking closely to Canned Heat’s arrangement. I think he might be attracted to it because its ultra simple melody doesn’t demand much vocal ability, so his barely-there singing voice can handle it.

Writers: Steve Wariner/Allen Shamblin; Producer: Steve Wariner; Publishers: Built On Rock/Steve Wariner, ASCAP/BMI; Selectone (track)
-This guitar man is still toiling away in his Brentwood home studio. Like a mad scientist, he keeps coming up with cool new sounds on his six string. What’s more, the title tune to his new collection has nifty, timely lyrics about our hard times, as well as a kick-butt beat. Wonderful in the extreme.

Writer: Ronnie Fauss; Producers: Sigurdur Birkis/ Ronnie Fauss; Publisher: MOL Jr.; BMI; Normaltown (track)
-Somewhere Gram Parsons is smiling. This is as close to classic California country rock as I’ve heard in years.

KIP MOORE/Young Love
Writers: Kip Moore/Dan Couch/Westin Davis; Producer: Brett James; Publishers: Music of Stage Three/Songs of Cornman/Roll Through Music/Songs From the Couch/Magic Mustang/Reefer Road/Big Loud Bucks, BMI; MCA Nashville
-It has a moody elegance that attracts like an audio magnet. He recalls a boyhood romance like it was a fevered dream. Get caught up in it.

Writers: Tyler Hammond/Thomas Archer; Producer: Chris Jones; Publisher: Molly’s Music, no performance rights listed; Jackleg (CDX)
-The singing and the song are okay. The production could use a little more clarity and precision.

Writers: Jordan Anderson/Caleb Maitland; Producer: Kent Wells; Publishers: Mary’s Poppin/Maitland; BMI; GTR (CDX)
-She’s falling and fearing a heartbreak. A well written tempo tune.

FELLER & HILL/The Government Blues
Writers: Dixie Hall/Tom T. Hall; Producer: none listed; Publisher: none listed; BMI; Blue Circle
-This topical bluegrass ditty takes a wry look at the ongoing, quasi recession. “Lord have mercy, got the government blues/You can read the paper through the holes in my shoes.” “I heard a rumor we were starting a war/I guess that’s all the government’s for.”

HUB REYNOLDS, JR./Hell I’m Just Me
Writer: Hub Reynolds, Jr.; Producer: Hub Reynolds, Jr.; Publisher: Hub Reynolds, Jr.; BMI; HRJ
-He’s aiming for an “outlaw” vibe. His singing and songwriting are up to snuff, although his production lacks some finesse. For a “homemade” outing, it ain’t half bad.

anthony orioANTHONY ORIO/Freight Train
Writers: Anthony Orio/Christopher Griffifths; Producers: Christopher Griffiths/Kelly Schoenfeld/Anthony Orio; Publisher: none listed; AO (track)
-This guy and his Goodfellers band regularly rock Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Lower Broadway (yes, they’ll be there on New Year’s Eve). They’ve won The Tennessean’s poll as “Best Local Band” two years in a row. I don’t know about that, but they certainly kick up some dust on their CD Between Home & The Bright Lights. This rocker leads off the collection fiercely. Orio wrote or co-wrote all but one of the 13 tunes.

CHASE RICE/Ready Set Roll
Writers: Rhett Akins/Chase Rice/Chris DeStefano; Producer: Chris DeStefano; Publishers: EMI Blackwood/Rhettneck/EMI April/Sugar Glider/Sony-ATV Countryside/Dack Janiels, BMI/ASCAP; CR (track)
-This is the title tune to Rice’s album. It’s a guitar-stuttering country rocker that beckons a gal to embark on a night to remember. It’s also addictive as all get out.


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