Jason Sturgeon

“Simple Life”

Toolpusher/Spinville/Nine North

When Jason Sturgeon sings his debut single “Simple Life,” he’s not just painting a picture of small town America. He’s describing who he is. Born and raised in Petersburg, IN, (pop. 3500) Sturgeon grew up in a family of coal miners, oilmen and farmers who literally made their living off the land, and still do to this day. His upcoming album is titled That’s Me.

Sturgeon grew up deeply involved with his family’s farming business and participating in equestrian competitions, but his love of music had him singing from the time he was a child of six. After high school, Sturgeon attended college and landed a job as a medical device engineer, but couldn’t shake the call of being a musician. He formed a band called Red Eye Max and began playing shows, eventually earning a regional following. The band was even tapped to be a part of Kenny Chesney’s “Next Big Star” competition and, though they didn’t win, the experience gave Sturgeon the confidence to continue pursuing his dream. His journey so far culminates in That’s Me, which finds him paired with John Mellencamp band member (and fellow Hoosier state resident) Dane Clark.

“I named the album That’s Me and I think you can really hear who I am in the songs,” says Sturgeon. “I’m just a fan of music, and I dig a lot of it. And all I can really say is that’s me, that’s my background, and what comes out of me and what I’m into, and it better come across in my music or I’ve done my job wrong! I just really want people to hear this and feel it and have a better understanding of who I am just from what I’ve written. And I think they will.”



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