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brooksdunn-summer150Sometimes the veterans can surprise you.

Just when I thought I might be “over” Brooks & Dunn, along comes a single like “Indian Summer.” They wrote it. They produced it. And it’s the freshest sounding thing they’ve put out in years. Give those vets a Disc of the Day.

Actually, there was quite a bit of refreshingly different music in today’s listening session. For those, like me, who crave the novel and the new, I recommend to your ears the efforts by Trent Tomlinson, Dean Brody, Richie Fields, Gretchen Wilson and Pat Green, in particular.

courtneydashe-airplane150Our DisCovery Award also goes to an innovator. The songs on Courtney Dashe’s debut effort are all self penned and are all admirably individualistic.

The CMA Music Festival approaches. Are you ready, Music Row?

GRETCHEN WILSON/If I Could Do It All Again
Writer: Rivers Rutherford/George Teren; Producer: Blake Chancey & Gretchen Wilson; Publisher: none listed, ASCAP/BMI; Columbia (CDX)
-Outstanding slide guitar work and a cool, thoughtful lyric. As usual, Gretchen nails it vocally. I think this bluesy, midtempo meditation is a gem.

BROOKS & DUNN/Indian Summer
Writer: Kix Brooks/Ronnie Dunn/Bob DiPiero; Producer: Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn; Publisher: none listed, BMI; Arista (CDX)
-Produced with crisp precision and mixed perfectly, this sounds terrific. Ronnie’s voice is right out front with a passionate delivery of a wistful story of a Kansas girl gone wrong. This is their finest single in years.

PAT GREEN/What I’m For
Writer: Marc Beeson/Allen Shamblin; Producer: Dann Huff; Publisher: none listed, ASCAP; BNA (CDX)
-A dusty troubadour’s statement of purpose, sung with drawling sincerity by a guy who always sounds like your best buddy.

Writer: Dean Brody; Producer: Matt Rovey; Publisher: Magic Mustang/Oven, SOCAN/BMI; Broken Bow (CDX) (www.deanbrody.com)
-I thought “Brothers” was a great single. Brody’s follow-up is a beautiful romantic ballad with a deliciously melodic chorus. Both the singer-songwriter and super tasteful producer Rovey are on the verge of great careers.

Writer: K. Hunter; Producer: none listed; Publisher: Texas River, ASCAP; Optimus (www.terryallenband.com)
-Muddy and muffled sounding. It was probably recorded live, so everything is kinda bleeding into everything else. The band has talent, however, and the song is solid. Get thee to a real studio.

Writer: Whitney Duncan/Chris Tompkins; Producer: Mark Bright; Publisher: Springfish/Dazahit/Bug/Big Loud Songs/Big Loud Bucks, ASCAP; Reprise
-Simmering sexy summer fun.

RICHIE FIELDS/When You Love Someone That Much
Writer: Martin/Linville; Producer: none listed; Publisher: VB Three/Riddle, BMI; Joint Journey (615-319-1863)
-Propulsive and energetic, with a wonderfully upbeat, positive message. His vocal  rides above the rocking track with admirable force and emotion. This is Richie’s third straight winner, I am happy to report.

TRENT TOMLINSON/Henry Cartwight’s Produce Stand
Writer: Trent Tomlinson/Danny Wells/Mark Kerr; Producer: Leigh Reynolds & Trent Tomlinson; Publisher: Hope-N-Cal/Trent Tomlinson/Songs of Springfish/Songs of Dazahit/Gimme Them Gimme Them/Eleven Katz/Bug/Cal IV, BMI; Carolwood
-Well written and full of dandy visual details. Imaginatively put together. It’s different, and different is good. Hang on for the “testimony” in the finale.

Writer: Courtney Dashe; Producer: none listed; Publisher: Curvebender/Skyline/ICG, BMI; Mad Dashe (track) (www.courtneydashe.com)
-This singer-songwriter makes her disc debut with a six-song EP featuring this lilting title tune. Her voice is a highly listenable, sweet soprano, and her songwriting is strikingly original. Very promising.

Writer: Brittney Lou Reed; Producer: Tracy Wilson; Publisher: none listed, BMI; Brittney Reed (www.brittneyreed.com)
-Vocally piercing, sharp, in your face and somewhat irritating.


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