Christopher Michael Johnson

“The Day We Changed The Rules”

Lofton Creek/Big Dog Records

cmjohnson-playlist60109“I got the same feeling meeting Christopher Michael Johnson as I did the day I met and signed Tim McGraw.”
—Mike Borchetta [President, Lofton Creek Records (former VP, Curb Records)]

“Wow, what a song… it’s a 3 minute long hook.”
—Keith Hill

“Good lyrics, good delivery, good story, good add.”
—Dan Hollander [WLLX/Lawrenceburg, TN]

“Lofton Creek could be in line for another ‘I Loved Her First’ this could be it…Should rattle the cash register.”

—Dr. Bruce [KFTX/Corpus Christi, TX]

Christopher Michael Johnson’s father once wrote a short story predicting that his young son would one day grow up to be a rock star, an item that was discovered years later by Johnson’s mother after his father’s untimely passing.

Amazingly, Johnson had already spent four years in Nashville working to build a career as a country singer without any prior knowledge of his father’s prophecy. The singer eventually returned to his Missouri roots, started a business and a family, but continued to pursue his dream of playing country music.

He was led back to Nashville, where producer Brien Fisher introduced him to Lofton Creek President Mike Borchetta, who signed him to the label. Johnson began working with Fisher on his upcoming full length album Gettin’ Ready To Fly, which is due out late summer 2009. The latest single from the project is “The Day We Changed The Rules.”

Johnson has also started a non-profit organization for children with cancer, in honor of his father, and is a supporter of the American Cancer Society.


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