My Music Row Story

My Music Row Story: City National Bank’s Mandy Gallagher Morrison

With over 18 years of music industry banking experience, Mandy Gallagher Morrison’s specialty is helping […]

My Music Row Story: UMPG Nashville’s Missy Roberts

As Vice President, A&R for Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville, Missy Roberts represents a […]

My Music Row Story: BBR Music Group’s JoJamie Hahr

JoJamie Hahr serves as Senior Vice President of BBR Music Group, where she guides and supervises […]

My Music Row Story: FBMM’s Jen Conger

Jen Conger quickly moved up the ranks to become a business manager at FBMM after becoming the first […]

My Music Row Story: Girlilla Marketing’s Jennie Smythe

Jennie Smythe, the CEO of Girlilla Marketing, began her career in the mid-1990s working for Elektra […]

My Music Row Story: Rob Hendon

Rob Hendon is a Nashville-based artist whose work hangs all over Music City and beyond. He started his […]

My Music Row Story: Music Health Alliance’s Tatum Hauck-Allsep

Music Health Alliance Founder/CEO, Tatum Hauck-Allsep, established the music industry’s first non-profit […]

My Music Row Story: Sony Music Publishing Nashville’s Rusty Gaston

Respected music publisher Rusty Gaston took the reins as CEO of Sony Music Publishing Nashville in […]

My Music Row Story: WME’s Kevin Meads

As a partner in WME’s Nashville office and a 16-year veteran with the agency, Kevin Meads oversees […]

My Music Row Story: SESAC’s Shannan Hatch

As VP of Creative Services at SESAC, Shannan Hatch leads the Nashville-based creative team in supporting […]