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small-webcoinsOver the years, challenge coins have marked significant occasions and commemorated outstanding individuals. Continuing this tradition, MusicRow distributes its No. 1 Challenge Coin to the artists and songwriters who have achieved a No. 1 hit on the CountryBreakout Chart. This page will mark each coin’s distribution. Check other songs working their way up this week’s CountryBreakout Chart.

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July 11, 2019 – “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” Artist: Justin Moore (Songwriters: Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill, Jeremy Stover) Publishers: Big Music Machine, Double Barrel Ace Music, Universal Music Corp., Paulywood Music, Songs Of Universal, Inc., Plum Nelly, Ole Red Cape Songs, Real Big Red Tunes

coinbulletCoin 1015 – “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” – Justin Moore

coinbulletCoin 1014 – “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” – Paul DiGiovanni

coinbulletCoin 1013 – “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” – Chase McGill

coinbulletCoin 1012 – “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” – Jeremy Stover

July 3, 2019 – “Rearview Town” Artist: Jason Aldean (Songwriters: Kelley Lovelace, Bobby Pinson, Neil Thrasher) Publishers: Songs Of Peer Ltd., Team Thrash, Songs Of Peer, New Writers Of Sea Gayle Music, Not A Track Guy Music, New House Of Sea Gayle Music, WB Music Corp., Own My Own Music Publishing

coinbulletCoin 1011 – “Rearview Town” – Jason Aldean

coinbulletCoin 1010 – “Rearview Town” – Kelley Lovelace

coinbulletCoin 1009 – “Rearview Town” – Bobby Pinson

coinbulletCoin 1008 – “Rearview Town” – Neil Thrasher

June 27, 2019 – “Raised On Country” Artist: Chris Young (Songwriters: Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Corey Crowder) Publishers: Songs Of Universal, Inc., They’ve Gone To Plaid Publishing, W.B.M. Music Corp., Roc Nation US Music, Songs Of Rhythm House Black, Bennett’s Dad’s Songs, WB Music Corp., Georgia Song Vibez, Big Crowd Publishing

coinbulletCoin 1007 – “Raised On Country” – Chris Young

coinbulletCoin 1006 – “Raised On Country” – Cary Barlowe

coinbulletCoin 1005 – “Raised On Country” – Corey Crowder

June 20, 2019 – “Beer Never Broke My Heart” Artist: Luke Combs (Songwriters: Luke Combs, Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton) Publishers: Big Machine Music, 50 Egg Music, Straight Dimes Publishing, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Sullivan S Guns Music, Super Big Music, Jett Music

coinbulletCoin 1004 – “Beer Never Broke My Heart” – Luke Combs

coinbulletCoin 1003 – “Beer Never Broke My Heart” – Randy Montana

coinbulletCoin 1002 – “Beer Never Broke My Heart” – Jonathan Singleton

June 13, 2019 – “GIRL” Artist: Maren Morris (Songwriters: Maren Morris, Sarah Aarons, Greg Kurstin) Publishers: International Dog Music, Downtown DMP Songs, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Australia) Pty Ltd., EMI April Music, Inc., Kurstin Music

coinbulletCoin 1001 – “GIRL” – Maren Morris

coinbulletCoin 1000 – “GIRL” – Sarah Aarons

coinbulletCoin 999 – “GIRL” – Greg Kurstin

June 6, 2019 – “Knockin’ Boots” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson, Jon Nite) Publishers: BIRB Music, BMG Gold Songs, Still Working For The Woman, Kobalt Songs Music Publishing LLC, EMI April Music, Inc., Nite Writer Music

coinbulletCoin 998 – “Knockin’ Boots” – Luke Bryan

coinbulletCoin 997 – “Knockin’ Boots” – Hillary Lindsey

coinbulletCoin 996 – “Knockin’ Boots” – Gordie Sampson

coinbulletCoin 995 – “Knockin’ Boots” – Jon Nite

May 23, 2019 & May 30, 2019 – “God’s Country” Artist: Blake Shelton (Songwriters: Devin Dawson, Michael Hardy and Jordan Schmidt) Publishers: Relative Music Group, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., WB Music Corp., Georgia Song Vibez, We-Volve Music, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Neon Cross Music

coinbulletCoin 994 – “God’s Country” – Blake Shelton

coinbulletCoin 993 – “God’s Country” – Devin Dawson

coinbulletCoin 992 – “God’s Country” – Michael Hardy

coinbulletCoin 991 – “God’s Country” – Jordan Schmidt

May 16, 2019 – “Talk You Out Of It” Artist: Florida Georgia Line (Songwriters: Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, Alysa Vanderheym) Publishers: Relative Music Group, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., Who Wants To Buy My Publishing, WB Music Corp., Highly Combustible Music, One77 Songs, Castle Bound Music, Inc.

coinbulletCoin 990 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Tyler Hubbard

coinbulletCoin 989 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Brian Kelley

coinbulletCoin 988 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Michael Hardy

coinbulletCoin 987 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Hunter Phelps

coinbulletCoin 986 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Jameson Rodgers

coinbulletCoin 985 – “Talk You Out Of It” – Alysa Vanderheym

May 9, 2019 – “Rumor” Artist: Lee Brice (Songwriters: Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: Mike Curb Music, Curb Songs, Jacobsong, Round Hill Songs II

coinbulletCoin 984 – “Rumor” – Lee Brice

coinbulletCoin 983 – “Rumor” – Kyle Jacobs

coinbulletCoin 982 – “Rumor” – Ashley Gorley

May 2, 2019 – “Look What God Gave Her” Artist: Thomas Rhett (Songwriters: Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Julian Bunetta, JKash, Ammar Malik, John Henry Ryan) EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Cricket On The Line, Ritten by Rhettro, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Music Of Big Family, Dragon Bunny Music, Don Wyan Music, Maru La La, MaruSongs, LLC, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., Rap Kingpin Music, Prescription Songs, LLC., Kobalt Songs Music Publishing LLC

coinbulletCoin 981 – “Look What God Gave Her” – Thomas Rhett

coinbulletCoin 980 – “Look What God Gave Her” – Rhett Akins

coinbulletCoin 979 – “Look What God Gave Her” – Julian Bunetta

coinbulletCoin 978 – “Look What God Gave Her” – JKash

coinbulletCoin 977 – “Look What God Gave Her” – Ammar Malik

coinbulletCoin 976 – “Look What God Gave Her” – John Henry Ryan

April 25, 2019 – “Some Of It” Artist: Eric Church (Songwriters: Eric Church, Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels, Bobby Pinson) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Longer And Louder Music, Mammaw’s Fried Okra Music, Little Louder Songs, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., New Writers Of Sea Gayle Music, Not A Track Guy Music

coinbulletCoin 975 – “Some Of It” – Eric Church

coinbulletCoin 974 – “Some Of It” – Jeff Hyde

coinbulletCoin 973 – “Some Of It” – Clint Daniels

coinbulletCoin 972 – “Some Of It” – Bobby Pinson

April 18, 2019 – “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” Artist: George Strait (Songwriters: George Strait, Bubba Strait, Dean Dillon) Publishers: Day Money Music, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., Living For The Night Music, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., Ohio Creek Music, Dean’s Cabin Publishing, LLC

coinbulletCoin 971 – “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” – George Strait

coinbulletCoin 970 – “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” – Bubba Strait

coinbulletCoin 969 – “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” – Dean Dillon

April 11, 2019 – “Eyes On You” Artist: Chase Rice (Songwriters: Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: Sony/ATV Countryside, Dack Janiel’s Publishing, EMI April Music, Inc., CDS Words And Music, WB Music Corp., Combustion Engine Music, Sadie’s Favorite Songs

coinbulletCoin 968 – “Eyes On You” – Chase Rice

coinbulletCoin 967 – “Eyes On You” – Chris DeStefano

coinbulletCoin 966 – “Eyes On You” – Ashley Gorley

April 4, 2019 – “Good As You” Artist: Kane Brown (Songwriters: Kane Brown, Brock Berryhill, Shy Carter, Taylor Phillips, Will Weatherly) Publishers: Songs Of Universal, Inc., Kane Brown Music, Don’t Be A Gypsy, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd., You Want How Much Of What Publishing, TDP Publishing, Track House Worldwide Entertainment, Mandy’s Favorite Songs

coinbulletCoin 965 – “Good As You” – Kane Brown

coinbulletCoin 964 – “Good As You” – Brock Berryhill

coinbulletCoin 963 – “Good As You” – Shy Carter

coinbulletCoin 962 – “Good As You” – Taylor Phillips

coinbulletCoin 961 – “Good As You” – Will Weatherly

March 28, 2019 – “Whiskey Glasses” Artist: Morgan Wallen (Songwriters: Ben Burgess, Kevin Kadish) Publishers: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Mr. Buck Lucky, Bump Into Genius Music, Sony/ATV Allegro, Over-Thought Under-Appreciated Songs

coinbulletCoin 960 – “Whiskey Glasses” – Morgan Wallen

coinbulletCoin 959 – “Whiskey Glasses” – Ben Burgess

coinbulletCoin 958 – “Whiskey Glasses” – Kevin Kadish

March 21, 2019 – “Love Ain’t” Artist: Eli Young Band (Songwriters: Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, Shane Mcanally) Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Plain Jane Songs, Rezolant Music, Combustion Engine Music, Sadie’s Favorite Songs, /WB Music Corp., Smack Hits, Smack Songs LLC, Kobalt Music Group Ltd.

coinbulletCoin 957 – “Love Ain’t” – Mike Eli

coinbulletCoin 956 – “Love Ain’t” – James Young

coinbulletCoin 955 – “Love Ain’t” – Jon Jones

coinbulletCoin 954 – “Love Ain’t” – Chris Thompson

coinbulletCoin 953 – “Love Ain’t” – Ross Copperman

coinbulletCoin 952 – “Love Ain’t” – Ashley Gorley

coinbulletCoin 951 – “Love Ain’t” – Shane Mcanally

March 14, 2019 – “On My Way To You” Artist: Cody Johnson (Songwriters: Brett James, Tony Lane) Publishers: WB Music Corp., Songs Of Brett, Atlas Music Publishing, External Combustion Music, BMG Gold Songs, Heytone Music

coinbulletCoin 950 – “On My Way To You” – Cody Johnson

coinbulletCoin 949 – “On My Way To You” – Brett James

coinbulletCoin 948 – “On My Way To You” – Tony Lane

March 7, 2019 – “Make It Sweet” Artist: Old Dominion (Songwriters: Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung, Brad Tursi, Shane McAnally) Publishers: Red Lining Music, Sony/ATV Lakeview, Amplified Hour Songs, Pedal Down Music, /Sounds Of Soperman Music Publishing, Curb Songs, Dreamark Publishing

coinbulletCoin 947 – “Make It Sweet” – Matthew Ramsey

coinbulletCoin 946 – “Make It Sweet” – Trevor Rosen

coinbulletCoin 945 – “Make It Sweet” – Whit Sellers

coinbulletCoin 944 – “Make It Sweet” – Geoff Sprung

coinbulletCoin 943 – “Make It Sweet” – Brad Tursi

coinbulletCoin 942 – “Make It Sweet” – Shane McAnally

February 28, 2019 – “Miss Me More” Artist: Kelsea Ballerini (Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini, David Hodges, Brett McLaughlin) Publishers: Songs Of Black River, KNB Music, 3 Weddings Music, Songs Of Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc., EMI April Music, Inc., Bob Ochoa’s Homemade Salsa

coinbulletCoin 941 – “Miss Me More” – Kelsea Ballerini

coinbulletCoin 940 – “Miss Me More” – David Hodges

coinbulletCoin 939 – “Miss Me More” – Brett McLaughlin

February 21, 2019 – “Here Tonight” Artist: Brett Young (Songwriters: Brett Young, Ben Caver, Justin Ebach, Charles Kelley) Publishers: Super Big Music, Caliville Publishing, Songs Of Black River, Wordspring Music, LLC, Memory Days, W.B.M. Music Corp., The Best I Could Do Publishing, WB Music Corp.

coinbulletCoin 938 – “Here Tonight” – Brett Young

coinbulletCoin 937 – “Here Tonight” – Ben Caver

coinbulletCoin 936 – “Here Tonight” – Justin Ebach

coinbulletCoin 935 – “Here Tonight” – Charles Kelley

February 14, 2019 – “Beautiful Crazy” Artist: Luke Combs (Songwriters: Luke Combs, Wyatt B. Durrette III, Robert Williford) Publishers: Big Machine Music, Egg Music, Straight Dimes Publishing, Works Of RHA Music, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Rowdy Rob Music

coinbulletCoin 934 – “Beautiful Crazy” – Luke Combs

coinbulletCoin 933 – “Beautiful Crazy” – Wyatt B. Durrette III

coinbulletCoin 932 – “Beautiful Crazy” – Robert Williford

February 7, 2019 – “Night Shift” Artist: Jon Pardi (Songwriters: Tofer Brown, Phillip LaRue, Billy Montana) Publishers: Maxx Music, Let The Road Pave Itself, Razor And Tie Music Publishing, Mike Curb Music, Rain Town Music

coinbulletCoin 931 – “Night Shift” – Jon Pardi

coinbulletCoin 930 – “Night Shift” – Tofer Brown

coinbulletCoin 929 – “Night Shift” – Phillip LaRue

coinbulletCoin 928 – “Night Shift” – Billy Montana

January 31, 2019 – “Love Wins” Artist: Carrie Underwood (Songwriters: Carrie Underwood, David Garcia, Brett James) Publishers: Carrie-Okie Music, Universal Music – Brentwood Benson Publishing, D Soul Music, Capitol CMG Genesis, Songs Of Brett, WB Music Corp.

coinbulletCoin 927 – “Love Wins” – Carrie Underwood

coinbulletCoin 926 – “Love Wins” – David Garcia

coinbulletCoin 925 – “Love Wins” – Brett James

January 24, 2019 – “There Was This Girl” Artist: Riley Green (Songwriters: Riley Green, Erik Dylan) Publishers: Riley Green Publishing Designee, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Peermusic III, Ltd., Tawnes Van Hawke Publishing

coinbulletCoin 924 – “There Was This Girl” – Riley Green

coinbulletCoin 923 – “There Was This Girl” – Erik Dylan

January 17, 2019 – “What Makes You Country” Artist: Luke Bryan (Songwriters: Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley) Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Peanut Mill Songs, Round Hill Compositions, Natalia’s Music Money, Combustion Engine Music, WB Music Corp., Sadie’s Favorite Songs

coinbulletCoin 922 – “What Makes You Country” – Luke Bryan

coinbulletCoin 921 – “What Makes You Country” – Dallas Davidson

coinbulletCoin 920 – “What Makes You Country” – Ashley Gorley

January 10, 2019 – “Sixteen” Artist: Thomas Rhett (Songwriters: Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur) Publishers: EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Cricket On The Line, Sony/ATV Ballad, Eastman Pond Publishing, Big Deal Beats, Brodsky Spensive Publishing, Nice Life

coinbulletCoin 919 – “Sixteen” – Thomas Rhett

coinbulletCoin 918 – “Sixteen” – Sean Douglas

coinbulletCoin 917 – “Sixteen” – Joe Spargur


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