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Reports Say Lyric Street Doors To Close

Various—but unofficial— reports, are surfacing, saying that Lyric Street Records will shutter its doors. All Access was first to break the story. Chief Lyric Street staffers include President Randy Goodman and Sr. VP A&R Doug Howard. It also includes promo staffers Kevin Herring, Dale Turner, John Ettinger and Chris Palmer. The label’s roster also includes […]

Chairman Joe Galante Announces Departure from Sony Music Nashville

Nashville, TN – Joe Galante, Chairman of Sony Music Nashville, today confirms the next step of his 39-year music business career by announcing his decision to leave the company. Galante will continue his role as chairman until a new Nashville label group leader is named. Subsequently, he will actively participate in a transition consultancy once […]

ASCAP Reorganization Continues

There has been no official word, but MusicRow has heard that the realignment at ASCAP Nashville included a number of personnel changes today, most notably in the writer rep department. Thought to be exiting due to this re-organization are Herky Williams, John Briggs, Pat Rolfe, Dan Keen and Charlene Wilhite. Remaining on board are Ralph […]

File Sharing Site Disses UK’s Digital Economy Bill

The UK recently enacted the Digital Economy Bill (Digital Economy Bill another report) to restrict music piracy by giving copyright holders the ability to “spy” on those infringing their rights via file sharing. The idea is that after being identified, the offending parties will then be disconnected from the Internet. In effect, this plan, which […]