Blanco Brown’s ‘Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs’ Set For October

Blanco Brown is set to release his debut full-length album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, on Oct. 11. The project is available today for pre-order digitally via BBR Music Group, and fans who pre-order it will instantly receive five tracks: “CountryTime,” “Georgia Power,” “Ghett Ol Memories,” “Tn Whiskey,” and the global smash “The Git Up,” which remains the top-selling digital country song in the U.S. this week for its 11th  week and has claimed the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart for nine weeks. The viral phenomenon was shared on April 26 via SoundCloud, along with a social video of Blanco performing the dance which has since spawned nearly 3 billion views.

Brown’s new album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs was inspired by his youth growing up in Atlanta during the school year and rural Georgia during the summers, and is a tribute to his split-location upbringing that taught him the value of diversity and uniting people, things and sounds, which ultimately lead to the creation of TrailerTrap, a new genre that fuses hip hop beats with 808’s and traditional country. Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs is a nod to the bittersweet memories because no matter where he was, in the city projects or the sticks of Butler, the smell of honeysuckle and the mystifying glow of fireflies filled the air, making him feel at home.

Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs draws upon the rawness and storytelling abilities of Brown’s biggest musical influences, Johnny Cash and Outkast, to seamlessly blend genres, providing the world with the first TrailerTrap album. Ranging from the nostalgic ballad “Ghett Ol Memories,” to the empowering and uplifting “Georgia Power,” the project takes listeners on an odyssey filled with life lessons and anecdotes from Brown’s life. Brown wrote or co-wrote and produced every track, in addition to playing many of the instruments on the new album as well.


A true creative visionary, Blanco can draw, paint, and design, and created his single art, EP cover and album cover. He has a unique gift of seeing colors when creating music, and identifies the emotion of his songs through colors. The album will come with a color chart of emotions that correlates to each song.

“This album represents everything I stand for and all of the different entities of my life—for a long time, I was anxious about releasing my own music, I often wondered what the outcome would be and if people would accept my sound, culture, music and the TrailerTrap lifestyle but I’m finally ready to be my own narrator,” said Brown. “I credit my friends, fans and family for rooting me on, giving me the confidence I lacked and propelling me to this moment.”

Today, the music video for “The Git Up” will premiere across Viacom outlets and will be available everywhere beginning September 14th. Filmed in Nashville and surrounding areas, the video has been teased on the Viacom Times Square billboard all week.

Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs Track Listing:
  1. “Temporary Insanity” — (Bennie Amey III)
  2. “HeadNod” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam DiCesare, Abraham Abushmais, Ken Fambro)
  3. “Funky Tonk” — (Bennie Amey III, Bennie Amey Jr., Quintin Amey, James Brabham)
  4. “CountryTime” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam DiCesare, Abraham Abushmais)
  5. “Georgia Power” — (Bennie Amey III, Isaiah Brown, John Whitfield, Dominic Crawford)
  6. “Gemini (Damn Right)” — (Bennie Amey III, Quintin Amey)
  7. “Ghett Ol Memories” — (Bennie Amey III, Corey Marquez Stephens, Liby Vongmanee)
  8. “Don’t Love Her” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam Dicesare)
  9. “Tn Whiskey” — (Bennie Amey III)
  10.  “The Git Up” — (Bennie Amey III)


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