DISClaimer: New Music From Doug Seegers, Liz Moriondo

Doug Seegers.

Spring has sprung.

We have a number of seasonal sounding platters this week. Southern Halo and Lewis Brice are specifically addressing the upcoming summer fun, while Jesse Labelle, Juliet Simmons Dinallo and Sara Simmons all have airy tracks that suit the weather as well.

The Disc of the Day goes to Doug Seegers. He’s the former Nashville street singer who has become a big deal in Europe. I’d lend him your ears if I were you.

Our DisCovery Award this week goes to Liz Moriondo. She hails from the Missouri Ozarks and is evidently a big favorite on outdoorsy TV shows and on the NASCAR circuit.

Writer: Kolt Barber; Producer: Kolt Barber; Publisher: Buck & Spur, BMI; Barbed Wire
– Macho baritone vocal, rebel attitude, rocking electric guitars. Crisply produced and thoroughly listenable. Not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat.

Writers: Natalia Elizabeth Morris/Stephen B. Liles/Eric Gunderson; Producer: Catt Gravitt; Publishers: Halo Baby/Original Hooligan/Gunderson, BMI/ASCAP
– Here comes summer. The Morris sisters have a song for the season with this tuneful, harmony-kissed sparkler.

CHUCK MEAD/Big Bear In The Sky
Writer: Charles Mead; Producer: Matt Ross Spang; Publisher: Pagan Idol, BMI; Plowboy (track)
– A retro-rockabilly, echo-chamber, deep-twang fest. Mead was a founder of BR5-49 as well as the musical director of the Million Dollar Quartet musical. Today, he’s a roots-music gem who’s a regular Opry visitor. This is drawn from his highly recommended CD Close to Home, which drops next month.

Writers: Sara Simmons; Producer: none listed; Publisher: Mollydogrecords, ASCAP; SS
– Scampering and sprightly, with rippling banjo backing. Her hillbilly soprano floats above the peppy track nicely. The lyric isn’t much, but the overall energy sells it nonetheless.

Writers: Doug Seegers; Producer: Joe Henry; Publisher: none listed; BMG
– Kinda haunting, minor key and very, very cool. His penetrating vocal wail rolls in a dramatic, echoey, electro-shuddering band arrangement that sounds like the undertow of doom. A thrilling listening experience.

Writers: Liz Moriondo/Steve Mitchell/Chris Drizen; Producer: Johnny Dibb; Publisher: Bud Diesel/Grin Like a Dog/Boston Born, BMI/SOCAN/SESAC; Gone Fishin
– Her range-y vocal is so super expressive that your ears are glued to the speakers. The well-written song is a paean to a loving mom. Just in time for Mother’s Day, it couldn’t be a more timely addition to your playlist. Spin it now.

LEWIS BRICE/Summertime Vibes
Writers: Lewis Brice/Nick Norman/Ben Simonetti; Producer: none listed; Publishers: none listed; Pump House
– It sounds exactly like a beach party, with a thumpy, rump-shaking rhythm track as well as a catchy, sunny, sing-along tune. Irresistibly fun and smiley.

Writers: Juliet Simmons Dinallo; Producers: Michael Dinallo/Ducky Carlisle; Publishers: Crooked Road, BMI; Audium (track)
– Bright and pert and sort of “innocent” sounding. The song is too wordy and takes too long to get to the hook.

Writers: none listed; Producer: Lindsay Rimes; Publisher: none listed; Just Listen
– Splendidly breezy country-pop, with an attractive come-on lyric. Lilting and lovely. Jesse isn’t kidding about that title. He really does want you to call him up at 615-823-8779.

LONNIE SPIKER/Behind The Clown
Writer: Lonnie Spiker; Producer: Curt Ryle; Publisher: Den N Dust, ASCAP; Megalith (track)
– He is as country as can be. But he just doesn’t sing all that well. Pitchy is the word.


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