DISClaimer: Drake White, Miranda Lambert Tie In Battle Of The Sexes

Drake White Spark

Today, it’s the battle of the sexes.

We have ties in both of our award categories between guys and gals. For the Disc of the Day, it’s a dead heat between Drake White and Miranda Lambert. For the DisCovery Award, it’s Texan Bret Mullins versus Georgia peach Angie Lynn Carter.

Play them all.

Writers: Angie Lynn Carter/Ryder Sanders; Producers: Jeff Tomei & Ryder Sanders; Publishers: none listed; Crucial (track)
– She has an attractive, throaty vocal quality. The title tune of her CD is a stately, languidly paced lament of lost love. The lead guitarist answers her phrasing eloquently. This lady has the goods. Listen and believe.

Writer: Aaron Watson; Producers: Marshall Altman/Aaron Watson; Publisher: Tunes From HTK, BMI; Big
-I have always liked this d.i.y. troubadour. His long, successful career gets another goose via this upbeat, romantic toe tapper. As always, he sings with assurance and writes like a total pro. Go, man, go.

MARK McHENRY/I’ll Bring The Beer
Writer: Mark McKinney; Producers: Chris Gill/Gaven Shea; Publishers: none listed; 3 Chords
– He shows promise as a budding songwriter. Vocally, he is just barely on pitch. The session musicians should be ashamed of themselves.

MIRANDA LAMBERT/We Should Be Friends
Writer: Miranda Lambert; Producers: Frank Liddell/Glenn Worf/Eric Masse; Publisher: Sony-ATV Tree/Pink Dog, BMI; RCA (track)
– Ordinarily, I am leery of double albums. They are usually padded and could easily be edited down to normal length. But Miranda’s The Weight of These Wings is the exception. To put it plainly, it is a stunning achievement, packed with one cool song after another. This second single from it is a wonderfully written, wry commentary on her quirky character. The grunge-y production is just right.


Writer: Andrew Dorff; Producers: Michael and Ron Morales; Publishers: none listed; BM (track)
– His smooth, Texas-accented baritone flows easily over this ode to country values. He’s an award winner in his native Lone Star State, and I can sure hear why. Country music, the way it is meant to be performed.

DRAKE WHITE/ Makin’ Me Look Good Again
Writers: Drake White/Monty Criswell/Shane Minor; Producers: Ross Copperman/Jeremy Stover; Publishers: EMI April/Reverend Jack/Sony-ATV Tree/Dixey Bar/Code Six Charles. ASCAP/BMI; Dot (track)
– I remain an enormous fan. This time around, he applies his ultra soulful voice to a love ballad that will melt the heart of every woman who hears it. Face it, this guy is a hoss.

Writers: Rick Cavender; Producer: Bobby Flores; Publisher: Ring Planet, BMI; RC (track)
-Mexicali trumpets flavor this uptempo ditty. He’s not the strongest singer I’ve ever heard, but he gets through it, thanks to the propelling arrangement.

PHIL VASSAR/American Soul
Writers: none listed; Producers: Phil Vassar/Jeffrey Smith; Publishers: none listed; American Soul
– I love this guy. Throbbing energy infuses this celebration of American pop culture. Phil invests everything he performs with intensity and fire. Well worth your spins.



Writer: Mark McKinney; Producers: Eric McKinney/Mark McKinney; Publisher: none listed; MM
– He points his finger at his ex, pointedly telling her to, “quit throwing matches on that bridge we burned.” You see, she’s so melodramatic, she turns an ordinary rainy day into a hurricane. Exceptionally well written and performed with drawling conviction.

TWYLA FOREMAN/Sunday Kind of Love
Writers: Anita Nye/Barbara Belle/Louis Prima/Stanley Rhodes; Producer: Bobby Flores; Publishers: nonen listed; TF (track)
– She phrases like a classic big-band singer, sticking to the melody but embellishing just enough to give the standard a little jazz spin. The understated production is perfect.


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