Charlie Cook On Air: Comic Con Comes To Nashville?

Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook

I have been to the Country Radio Seminar. I have been to National Association of Broadcaster conventions, the Conclave, the big electronics convention in Las Vegas and even a few Radio and Record Conventions. I have never been to Comic-Con and that is the one I want to attend more than anything. I have added Comic-Con to my very shallow bucket list. I am making my plans right now to attend next year’s gathering.

This year more than 130,000 people attended Comic-Con at the 2.6 million square foot San Diego Convention Center. From what I’ve heard about the convention, more than half of those 130,000 attendees are dressed up like its Halloween on Krypton. Now, the San Diego convention is not the only one but it is the biggest and many other locales have started their own versions. In fact, there are at least 12 more from Ashbury Park, N.J. to Williamsport, Pa.

For fun I thought I would imagine that Comic-Con comes to Nashville and envision how country music stars would dress at Comic-Con.

Avengers: The Zac Brown Band. The Avengers originally consisted of Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk. You see it now, right?
Iron Man: Kenny Chesney. You seen those guns? I am sure they are all iron. A billionaire, entrepreneur, playboy.
Captain America: Toby Keith. No additional comment needed.
The Hulk: Lee Brice. I love Lee but the shirts need to bump up a size.
Spider-Man: Brad Paisley. He weaves the best lyrical webs. (You try this. It is not as easy as it looks.)
Thor: Blake Shelton. Thor is the husband of the golden-haired goddess Sif. Sif in Viking is Miranda Lambert.
X Men: Florida Georgia Line. You know, of course, the X stands for X-tra power and it seems to me FGL is getting extra play on other formats.
Storm: Carrie Underwood. You’ve seen the costume, right?
Fantastic Four: Little Big Town. They had a fantastic year. And many of you may not know but Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman give back big time by serving on the CMA and ACM boards. They always show up for the meetings and give big effort during the meetings.

Not to be overshadowed by just Marvel characters, this year the Game of Thrones characters were the hot outfits. I cannot assign these characters though. I do not watch the show and I might easily assign one of our favorite country music performers the character of a murdering wildlings.

The convention also includes scores of other TV shows, like Bones, Castle, the Big Bang Theory and True Blood. Can you imagine, Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw on Bones, Maggie Rose as Penny, Hunter Hayes as Leonard and Brett Eldridge as Sheldon?

Anyhow, anyone wanna go to San Diego next summer with me?

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