CRS Research Presentation: Give the Listener a Relationship

Larry Rosen

Larry Rosen

At the CRS Research Presentation, presented by Edison, 2013 CRS attendees learned that the lyrics of songs provides listening audiences with memories and meaning––giving the listener a relationship. “Radio is giving the gift of a lifelong friend,” notes Lori Hamilton, research partner at Prosperity Production.

For the Edison Ethnographic study, habits of 17 radio-listening fans were observed while the subject was in a ‘natural environment’ to span 13 U.S. states.

Further findings included radio’s competition no longer between stations, rather against all of the other media: television, Internet and personal mobile devices. Respondents choose to listen to the device that presents the path of least resistance. In the car, that remains radio. At home or in the workplace where Internet is accessed, competition becomes much more broadly based.

Larry Rosin of Edison Research and concluded the study with practical applications by highlighting the untapped “at home” market, encouraging broadcast radio towards cable streaming on TV. He promoted that attendees think about competition on a global scale, rather than neighboring stations in ones market. Rosin concluded with the note that what listeners desire from music is a relationship, therefore he encouraged broadcasters to talk to the listening audience as a close friend.

The full CRS 2013 Country Radio research study is now available online at:


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