Daily Flashes From The Past

MusicRow covers through the years.

For the last two weeks in preparation for the December 2011/January 2012 retrospective print magazine hitting shelves, MusicRow staffers resurrected daily quotes from back issues and posted them on our Twitter and Facebook pages. The excerpts linked to this article to offer a selection of historical highlights. A complete list is below.

Get ready for a flashback from the archives. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve compiled in the print edition! Be sure to grab you’re own copy today.

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Quote from 12/16—MusicRow AUG ’93—”We don’t have a new Billy Ray Cyrus coming on this year. We definitely don’t. If we did, we’d know it.” Bruce Hinton

Quote from 12/15—MusicRow MAR ’94—”We’d love to be able to land a helicopter on the roof [of the Starstruck offices].” Narvel Blackstock

Quote from 12/14—MusicRow JAN ‘03—“Just because you have a computer with ProTools doesn’t mean its going to sound like a record.” Frank Rogers

Quote from 12/13—MusicRow NOV ’09—“Ten years ago, most every artist put outside songs on their records. Now maybe there is one or two slots on an album that aren’t politically taken already. So we are all vying for a smaller share of the pie.” Pat Finch

Quote from 12/12—MusicRow JUL ’98— “..what you do when you lose is the real test of character.” Mike Curb on LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live”

Quote from 12/9—MusicRow AUG ’05—“I don’t want my music to be taken as something you just hum with.” Miranda Lambert

Quote From 12/8—MusicRow AUG ‘97—Technical problems and the lack of a uniform standard plagued the first generation of enhanced CD’s.

Quote from 12/7—MusicRow JUL ’98—From 1994-1997 female country presence on SoundScan increased from 19.6% to 42.7%

Quote from 12/6—MusicRow SEP ’99—Before MP3’s, downloading a 3 minute song with a 56K modem took over 6 hours. MP3’s took just 20mins.

Quote for 12/5—MusicRow FEB ’99: “Pitching your songs by CD lets a publisher know you’re serious about your music and have gone the extra distance to ensure a quality demo.”


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