Topical WebReads: Co-writers For Sale and Crowdfunding To Fame

>>>American Songwriter’s Rand Bishop raises some important questions about hit songwriters selling writing appointments to anyone with cash, in Makin’ Stuff Up: Selling The Dream.

“I can’t fault any songwriter for exploring every avenue possible to keep the pantry stocked,” says Rand. “However, not every alternative is on the up and up. I personally know and genuinely like several of the writers who are milking what has become Music Row’s newest cash cow. However, I do not endorse what they are doing, nor do I feel they are going about their business in a completely forthright manner. It’s not so much that wannabe’s are paying hit writers exorbitant fees for co-writing appointments. … To me, the murky part is the implicit promise that, by writing with a bona fide ‘hit writer,’ a thus-far credit-less dilettante will immediately be welcomed into the exclusive hit-maker club just by having his or her name juxtaposed next to someone who has penned a chart topper or two.”

The web site offering this service, says, “Songwriter Institute connects serious amateur and professional writers with seasoned, successful hit songwriters. Through our intimate retreats, coaching, and appointments we provide aspiring writers an unmatched edge in the business of music.” According to the site, the cost of a full-day writing session is $2,500. There is a long list of well known writers participating who are pictured on the site, but I was unable to find the names anywhere on the site of the people running this company.

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>>>“In a down economy, it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to access the capital needed to build their venture from the ground up,” says Jane Hendrick Sr. Manager, Audience Development at the Gerson Lehrman Group. “Luckily, projects can now be funded by a powerful combination of the social internet and generous networks of friends, colleagues, and communities. This model is called ‘crowdfunding’ and is sweeping the startup nation by storm. It seems to be an entrepreneur’s dream, but are there problems in the way?”

Hendrick’s organization has created an infographic called Drawing a Crowd: The Crowdfunding Phenomenon Heats Up that examines the current crowdfunding landscape including a recent effort to purchase Pabst Blue Ribbon using crowdfunding that was shut down by the SEC…


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