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Imagine BossRoss Web Read as being your own personal information curator quietly selecting articles of interest  from varied sources around the internet. Topics include all facets of the music world plus technology, social networking, business, touring and more. It’s all linked so you can glance down the headlines and travel fast to investigate. A good short cut is to click first on the View All link at the bottom —you’ll see why.

As this article is written, Amazon’s new website design test is at the top of the list, followed by the news that Groupon, after turning down Google’s $6.5 billion offer a few months ago (completely crazy) are finding the IPO market more complex than they imagined. In fact Groupon’s IPO has now been postponed due to “market volatility.”

Also on the list are fascinating reads from Wired magazine and Vulture about the recent Starz-Netflix divorce and what the future may hold for Netflix’s streaming business. If you’ve been following the WebRead then you already know about the recent content renewal negotiations breaking down.

“It’s not about age, it’s about how you present yourself,” says an article from titled, Age Proofing Your Job Application. Good advice if you are on the hunt for a new chair, and worth a quick read…

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